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(Archived) Jan 1 - a good day to make another backup

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I backup Evernote frequently (and also use Carbonite for off-site backup). The Web Cloud is not perfect. Today is the start of a New Year and would be a good day to make a backup, especially if you have some important stuff saved in Evernote..

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It's a good point to backup cloud services. I also even keep a setup file for evernote and other essential software backed up.

However I backup non stop 24/7

Non automated backup = fail for me personally because i'll just procrastinate about it indefinitely.

I hate to spend energy on tedious and boring stuff like this especially if it could be also automated.

I back up everything additionally with crashplan. If all my devices are destroyed or stolen and my home burns down AND Evernote and dropbox and all cloud based services also go down - I would still NOT lose anything!

What's really important is that it's all completely automated, there is no effort required to maintain this otherwise it's just a project in procrastination land.

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If you want to automate backup of evernote database you use some backup software like crashplan (it's free if you don't use their servers) and set the folder with evernote database to be backed up to some location, ie different hard drive locally or off-site or online or everywhere.

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