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(Archived) [Feature Request - automatic link and back link to notes]



As I type a note, I often want to create a new note with a link to the note that I am typing. So, if I am in Note A and want to create Note B that can be linked to in Note A and have a link back to Note A from note B, I need to do the following:

1. Copy the link of Note A

2. Create Note B

3. Paste the link from Note A in Note B

4. Copy the link of Note B

5. Go back to Note A

6. Paste the link to Note B in Note A

Ideally, I would click a button at a particular spot in Note A, and it would automatically create a new Note - Note B - with a link back to Note A, as well as a link to Note B from where my cursor was when I clicked on the button to create a "Linked Note."

This is typical wiki behavior, and would make the usage of Evernote much easier, as I often want to create related notes to the note I am typing and would want to do it organically, as I work.

Thank you very much,


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Yes. Totally this. I'd love to brainstorm with Evernote. Make a list, then make sub lists based on the main list.

So make note A.

Then make note B, which is a subset of note A. Except, I'd like to just highlight a piece of Note A & say "make a new note with this linking to it" ... instead of having to make note B, copy Note link, go back to note A & paste it in ... when I'll have it use the text of note B anyway ...

Also, and this just took the cake for me ... when I make note B & copy Note link, EN for Mac prompts me to sync, because you can't make a note link with an unsynced note (fine ... I guess), BUT THEN IT DIDN'T COPY THE NOTE LINK.

<rant> srsly? So when I tell your app I want to copy note link, you'll tell me I have to sync, but you won't copy the note link OR tell me I have to do the action again?

Eat your own dog food Evernote. Please. Just once, use one of your features. The capabilities are AMAZING, the details not so much. </rant>

Or just make a more intuitive way to turn an existing piece of text into a new note that's linked.

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voodoopad (ios and osx) does this beautifully, and no disrespect towards evernote, but if voodoopad had dropbox or icloud syncing, all of my stuff would move over there tomorrow. this is probably the single biggest improvement that evernote could make for me.

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