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  1. It's crazy that this is still an issue after all this time. I literally never want my links to open on the web. Never. Never ever, ever, ever, ever. Never. @Adjusting: There should be a setting to only copy "classic" links. It can be disabled by default, I don't care. The issue is - you HAVE to right click (+ option) on the note in the to get a classic link option - you can't even do it from the menu bar or via hotkey, so if you have a note open in a separate window, you need to go find it in a full window before you can copy the link. 😡
  2. On Mac you can just use Tab and Shift-Tab to indent/un-indent. You can select multiple lines and bulk indent/un-indent as well. You can start new bullet point lists by typing "*:space:". For numbered lists "1.:space:". I believe these works on iOS too (I think there is a setting to enable/disable them though). I don't know of a way to easily indent/un-indent on iOS without an external keyboard though.
  3. This is the iOS forum - I honestly couldn't care less if it's consistent with Android(or if they entirely abandoned the Android app for that matter). What I do care about is that I can use this feature (and other web clip features) on my Mac, but I can't on iOS, and it's annoying. Competing apps are doing this, for example Bear, it just seems like low hanging fruit to fix something that annoys paying customers. There are other features I'd love to see as well, but this would be a start. There are other ways to implement it too. For example, if they had to do it such that it'd move me in to the Evernote app I'd be fine with that (Share>Evernote>Evernote App> yada yada yada > Done> Redirect back to Safari). Another option would be a really well made bookmarklet. This may be more difficult to do, I don't know, but for example Diigo has an okay one that supports highlighting as well (my bet is the Evernote devs could do better than Diigo has done with it). I like Evernote (I've been using it since 2008), but the missing features have me looking at competitors.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! It looks like an interesting service, I'd rather not pay for, or share my data with, another auxiliary service though. Cheers!
  5. As I mentioned, the search feature is not sufficient to accommodate the logic I described (at least not without a lot of bending and twisting). I was also being very simple with that example. Saved searches may be able handle much of what I want to accomplish, however it's frustrating to use a different paradigm when the Rules based interfaces are so common and easy to use even when building advanced AND/OR nested logic. OmniFocus, Mail, iTunes, DEVONthink, Hazel, etc all have them, and many others I'm not thinking of right now as well.
  6. Mail for example has Smart Mailboxes. iTunes has Smart Playlists. DEVONthink supports this. Yes, these are basically "Saved Searches". But, I want them to live alongside Notebooks. I want to be able to do complex logic with an easy to use GUI and easily make changes to it. I want to be able to reference a Smart Notebook within the rules of another Smart Notebook, for example: Notebook 1: tag_a AND tag_b but not tag_c Notebook 2: Not in Notebook 1 Notebook 3: Notebook 2 & contains "TEXT" I don't want workarounds for making saved searches to do these things. I want the actual feature as described. If I'm getting particularly demanding, it would be great if the iOS app worked with them as well (for creating and editing, viewing I'm assuming would work out of the box).
  7. This is really stupid though. I mean, others may want more, I just want Evernote to add to the Print Settings options for smaller margins (or in the preferences). The only option when printing is "Print Headers". Sure, I CAN copy/paste in to Pages and print (or in my case, save as a PDF), but I shouldn't have to do that.
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