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(Archived) What if i stop using Evernote

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I have been getting into using Evernote and it seems pretty awesome so far. But before i get into using it heavily or sign up for a premium account or anything, i want to know if there is a way to retrieve/keep/use/access all the information i put into evernote if i ever decide to stop using it?

Basically, i am in the (bad) habit of saving a massive number of pictures, notes, links, screenshots, etc, on my computer, most of which is only nominally organized. Evernote is awesome because it would be more helpful for organizing that info, esp screenshots since it can do the text-recognition thing. But, i am afraid of really committing and putting all the new pictures, screenshots, links, etc, on evernote because i am afraid of what would happen if i decide that i am not actually happy with evernote and would rather go back to my old system. Would i lose all of the information i stored on evernote? Would i have it but only in a form that evernote can read? Would i have to go through and export each note individually, which would take hours? What if i sign up for Evernote Premium but subsequently decide to discontinue premium; would the pdfs, etc be inaccessible? Plus, other questions in those veins. I tried looking through 'help' sections but didnt see any information about this (which may just be a reflection of my poor search-skills).

Okay, well, thank you for your time and input!

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