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  1. Good point. I have emailed them a couple of times and not heard back, but I may have not done it through the proper channels. I will make sure I go through the proper official bug reporting channel this time.
  2. Hi Mike, I appreciate the effort, but unfortunately that doesn't quite help. One of the problems is "Simplifying" is not always available (it is grey), and if it is available it almost never actually works (nothing happens to the note, the entire contents of the note disappears, or the program freezes). It _used_ to work, in the old version of Evernote, but does not work for me in the new version (Windows desktop). If that option actually functioned for me, I would not have had to ask for work arounds to edit clipped content.
  3. Is anyone else having this problem? Since the update I can no longer edit any of the notes that I clipped from the web. This obviously includes being unable to add or delete words, pictures, whatever. Like, if I want to make a note on a recipe, or delete 20 of the unnecessary accompanying pictures, I cannot Does anyone have a work around? I tried copying everything from a note to word, making changes, then copying it all back, but that crashes the program. Oh, and if i copy anything that has words and a picture the program crashes. The new changes are beyond infuriating, so i am also open to suggestions for other programs. I have been with evernote for like 15 years and have had myriad problems with them, but this might be the straw that broke the camels back. The problem is that last time i looked into other programs, nothing did what i needed it to do. Evernote was the closest, but obviously their program is horrible now.
  4. Im dumb! You solved it! You made me realize that the problem must have arisen after i started opening web pages under https instead of just http. I must not have conducted that search for enough time after doing the switch to realize. I was just missing that stupid "s"! I am so glad my search problem was such an easy fix this time! Thank you!!
  5. How do you search for notes clipped from particular websites? It used to be that if i wanted to find all notes clipped from, say, evernote.com, I could input: sourceURL:http://www.evernote.com/* and everything clipped from that website would come up. That feature has not worked for me for a few months now, and it is really annoying. I have tried miscelaneous variants of that and those havent worked, and i have tried looking online for the answer and the only thing i see is to use the search term i was already using. How does one conduct that search nowadays? Any help is really appreciated, even if the answer seems really obvious! Thank you
  6. Hi everyone, I am sorry it has taken me so long to update. I worked with someone at Evernote and after we attempted many fixes and spent a few hours at it, they ended up having to re-index everything on their end. It ended up being a much bigger problem than anyone here could have helped me with, but i appreciate all the input and attempts to help me. I also apologize for not replying to people who have tried to help; I do appreciate the attempts but i was pretty overwhelmed by stuff at the time and then time just passed.. Thank you again. Sincerely, C
  7. While trying to organize my notes in evernote, i suddenly was no longer able to drag notes into folders. Things were going along swimmingly until suddenly that feature stopped working. Is there some thing i accidentally pressed that made this feature go away? I can still manually move the notes if i go into the individual notes and click on the folder option in the top left corner, or go to the "move to notebook" option when multiple notes are highlighted. Thank you for your help
  8. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying. I am working on a Sony PC Windows 10, desktop version of Evernote. Here is an example of searching for something and it not showing up: Here is the note i was looking for: I was hoping to show the whole screenshot so you could see the list of notes and see how the criteria met up, etc, but i couldnt include the whole pictures. At any rate, in this case i was searching "all notes", but the same thing happens when i search for notes within folders (ie when it has a more limited range of notes to work with) This problem happens frequently. I dont remember all the specific searches i have done that it has failed at, this is just the first one that i remembered to take screenshots of after posting my post yesterday. * Sorry for the super cropped nature of the pictures. I had to make them this small in order to meet the upload limit. I had to severely cut the last one down because the first picture was "too big" and i couldnt un-upload it
  9. Quite often when i search for a word in notes, i will get "no results" or a few notes, but not all the notes with that word in it. The note i am looking for will _absolutely_ have the word in the note. LIke, i will have a note called "bacon recipes" and the text of the note will say "something something bacon", but if i search for "bacon" i get "no results". I can try searching the particular folder or "all notes" with the same results. Putting the word in quotes doesnt help. I have to manually scroll through the folder(s) looking for the note i want (which will be there). It is obviously very obnoxious that one of the whole reasons to use evernote is broken. I am also having another problem searching that i might post separately. A while ago my evernote stopped searching through text in images. It doesnt do it at all anymore. Most of my images with text are clearly pictured documents with printed text, so there is no excuse of bad handwriting or bad lighting making them illegible. How do i get it to search images again? Also, Evernote doesnt seem to want to search through titles anymore. Or sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do? This is really unacceptable. ------------------------------- Edit: Working with windows desktop version. Did update, did delete and reinstall more than once. Was using Windows 8 at the time, now using Windows 10. Was and am a premium subscriber. ------------------------------- Edit: I think i replied to myself somewhere in this thread to tell people the problem was solved, but wanted to add that here too. I ended up having to spend a lot of hours working with Evernote support (thanks guys!) and they had to reindex all my notes on their end. That worked out super well for like 8 months, although now i am encountering the same problems again :(.
  10. Hi, I know this is not a new suggestion, but please please please make folder stacks that can go more than one folder deep. It is extremely obnoxious that this many years into the program you do not have this feature. Tags are great but they are not a substitution; i want to use them differently than i would folder organization. I want to use tags differently than you guys want me to, i guess. This lack of depth in organizing on top of a slew of new technical error is making me look into other programs. I have invested a lot of time into evernote and i would prefer not to have to change programs, but i am seriously considering it. If it matters i am a premium user and have been for a few years.
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