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(Archived) Feature request: search the tag tree

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I have a carefully curated set of nested tags. From time to time I can't find one. Today, I could not find my "Science" tag in the tree. After a long manual search I found it nested under my "Security" tag. (I'm sure it got there via some careless move in a drag-and-drop organizing session.)

It would have been nice to be able to right-click the "Tags" header, select "Search for tag", type "Science", and have the tree expand with "Science" highlighted. Then I could drag it where it belongs.

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Thanks a lot, Owyn. I've also had this problem and appreciate the tip. That said, I still third Buffalo and BNF's request, since the Hide Unassigned Tags feature doesn't make the search perfect. For example, I have some tags nestled four of five layers deep. When I search for one of those and selecte Hide Unassigned Tags, I'm shown the upper-level tag that encompasses the one I'm looking for. That's quite helpful, but I don't see any more specificity than that, so I still have to click around opening up possible second- and third-level tags. (And, like Buffalo, this has been made worse by a couple times accidentally dropping a tag into the wrong higher-level tag.)

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If you click on the first note in results it will further reduce the tag tree. Still may have to expand the tree (IIRC there was a request somewhere for an expand all tags function) but should not have to do as much of it.

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Yep. I was wrong. You have to change the search to include less notes in results, and therefore less tags.

Tested this time in both web and windows clients.

Should know better than to trust my meat memory.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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