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(Archived) Search not working

Mata Hari


I have a hierarchy of EN with stacks.

When I search I have All Notebooks selected

The Search funcion works only on the first part of the hierarchy, not everyweher

In particular the Intitle search method does not always find the title of a Note.

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I received a reply from EN staff, admitting it is a bug.

I would like to see a list of bugs and limitations for EN

The EN staff writes :

buggy search

I have a note titled "Welcome to Evernote"

Searching intitle:wel or intitle:ever will retrieve the note, but not intitle:to, nor intitle:come, not intitle:note

It appears that searching in the title matches from the beginning of words, not inside a word. But why not match intitle:to?

Also, this is different behavior than the Evernote Mac search, which seems to match only whole words, but curiously not intitle:to (see viewtopic.php?f=38&t=25503)

Another difference between Web and Mac is that intitle:*ver* finds the note on the former, but not the latter.

In both the Web and Mac versions, this is distinguished from searching within the note itself, which will match partial words at the beginning, end, or middle.



Evernote Support

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I would like to see a list of bugs and limitations for EN

That's just not realistic. First, listing off the limitations of Evernote would be a never ending job. We could list off an infinite number of things that Evernote can't do. So far, I have a hard time getting it to do the dishes.

Also, we're not going to publish our bug database. And even if we did, that isn't a complete copy of all the bugs that exist.

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That is a very scornful reply. Most programs publish bugs and limitations. It is called "known issues".

Of course, if you think that a limitation would be that EN cant wash your dishes, then U r right that the list would be never ending.

But I have already published here a list of my own , reguarding limitations.

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That they won't publish their list of known issues (if they even compile one) seems to be Evernote policy. The way that dlu expressed it seemed more humorous than scornful, though that may not have come across that way to you. It's never bothered me that they don't; some companies do, and some don't -- mine doesn't for example. We just try to fix 'em.

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I'll try not to be funny in the future

Humor can be a double edged sword. It may not transfer across languages. I think humor has it's place & certainly can lessen the tension in a tough situation. (Ever tried to stay really, really mad at someone if they say something that makes you belly laugh???) However, as many of us know, minkowski is an exception. He/she finds fault in everything having to do with Evernote. Yet, he/she continues to use it. Certainly his/her choice. But I, for one, take his/her comments very lightly. So DLU, please stay funny!

(I found nothing 'scornful' about DLU's reply.)

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