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(Archived) HTML <pre> Tag Bug


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Just tested in Chromium 15. Worked fine to new note in web client. Not quite as good pasting to new note in Windows client, but, still basically usable.



The difference for the windows client is probably an artifact of pasting from Linux into a Windows client in a VM, but, line breaks are properly preserved.

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<pre> should be allowed, per the API (http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/evernote-api.htm). Might be a missed handoff in the clipboard process: i.e., you put something on the clipboard, and it appears as several formats to the receiving program If that program picks the wrong format (e.g. CF_TEXT rather than HTML), then you can lose the formatting. There's a program available for Windows, ClipSpy, that can help diagnose problems like these.

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There's a program available for Windows, ClipSpy, that can help diagnose problems like these.

Evernoted. I expect, but have not tested, that a clip from a Windows process to the Windows client will work fine. Will take a look at ClipSpy to investigate my cross OS clipping issues.

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Yeah, I just tried it, and the fixed font came across, but the formatting is stripped. So it's not the scenario I posited.Exported the note to ENEX, the <pre>s are there, so they're not being interpreted, maybe?

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I have a slightly different question regarding tags. I should put this in a new post but for some reason it says I need to sign in before I can create a new topic despite the fact that I clearly am signed in.

I use Evernote to combine a huge amount of disparate information and I use the tags to make sure that I create a separate note for any terminology that needs further explanation. So if I am explaining a term and in that explanation there is a term that needs further explanation, I add that as a tag to that note so it registers as something that needs to be looked at further. For example; Determinism is closely aligned to the Nature/Nurture debate.

Here I would add a tag, 'Nature/Nurture' so that I know that I have to create an explanation for this.

I now have hundreds of tags and I would like to export my list of tags to be used as a checklist against other documentation not contained in Evernote.

I have been hunting for a way to do this but do not know if it is possible. Could anyone help?


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