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  1. tried the new beta Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 2. happy to see this issue is fixed https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112698-copy-paste-deletes-space-between-domain-names/
  2. Just tried this beta. This issue is still not fixed. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112698-copy-paste-deletes-space-between-domain-names/
  3. 6.15 GA and this issue is still not fixed. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112698-copy-paste-deletes-space-between-domain-names/ Come on guys, this issue started in 6.7 and should have been fixed by now. This is actually causing data loss as the editor deletes a space between domain names.
  4. Just tried the new 6.15 beta 2. The copy/paste domain name issue is still not fixed. Guys can you please fix this PITA bug for good. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112698-copy-paste-deletes-space-between-domain-names/
  5. Thanks gazumped. I agree, automatic hyperlinking should not be disabled as many users will need this. I just suggested that we should be given an option to disable this, as I feel that may be causing the issue. I don't have an issue with automatic hyperlinking as such, its the space between domain names which Evernote swallows which is the problem. The Ctrl+Shift+V workaround is not an option, as sometimes when you are copying large amount of text, you may not notice the problem, and end up with a broken note. Take for example below block taken from https://serverfault.com/questions/167575/apache2-multiple-hostnames-redirected-to-one <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName example.com ServerAlias foo.example.com bar.example.com others.example.com DocumentRoot /www/redirect_folder </virtualhost> This is how it appears in Evernote. Check the ServerAlias line. Ctrl+V <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName example.com ServerAlias foo.example.combar.example.comothers.example.com DocumentRoot /www/redirect_folder </virtualhost> Ctrl+Shift+V <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName example.com ServerAlias foo.example.combar.example.comothers.example.com DocumentRoot /www/redirect_folder </virtualhost>
  6. Just tried the new beta Evernote_6.15.1.7690. Guys this issue is still not fixed. If you can't fix the issue, atleast give us the option to disable automatic hyperlinking. This has been asked enough number of times. Please. Pretty please with a cherry on top. And congrats on the "Brand refresh". "Notice anything different?". Yes we do. The rate at which Evernote is adding features and breaking old ones, soon it will be able to do your laundry, cook your food, mow your lawn and a number of other things, but stop doing what it was originally meant to do, which it did so well, "Note-taking".
  7. Hi, I am an Evernote Basic user, so don't have the option to file a bug report. Just trying to report 2 issues which have either already been reported by me, or someone else, which make Evernote almost not usable to me. I used to use v6.5.4 all this while as it doesn't have either of these issues. But now with the security issue, I am forced to upgrade, so thought of reporting this on the user forum again. Issue 1) Evernote removes blank newline from text. Issue 2) Evernote garbles hyperlinks I am attaching screenshots of the original text in notepad and how different versions of Evernote react to these issues. Original text screenshot in Notepad 1) Text has got blank newlines 2) Text has got domain names separated by space Version 6.5.4 - Last properly working version. Problem is this version is no longer allowed to sync. Issue 1) Issue NOT present. Issue 2) Issue NOT present. Version 6.7.6 - Last "old" version, allowed to sync with hotfix. Both the issues present. Issue 1) Issue present. Issue 2) Issue present. Version 6.14.3 - Latest beta, same issue with current stable. Issues 2 still present. Issue 1) Issue NOT present. Issue 2) Issue present. I hope someone at Evernote takes notice and comes up with a fix. Thanks, Xanadu
  8. This issue seems to be still there in 6.13.14. Will this be fixed anytime soon? I was using the old version 6.5 all this while, but now looks like because of the security issue, we'll be forced to upgrade.
  9. Gets complex doens't it, knowing some guys will never use the search box and some guys will never use the UI. But these don't look like issues invented by Evernote, these would apply to any app developed for any platform. If somone doesn't want recursive behavior he could always unset it at the toolbar or under options if we go by my suggestion. The fine tuned search grammar may come, maybe not a priority for Evernote, but what I suggested is basic, recursive or no, which applies to every place where the context holds true. regards, Xanadu
  10. agreed, jefito. And I think the "Recursive (include sub tags)" checkbox should apply also to the search grammar. Meaning if this is selected, the UI and the search box behavior both change, together they become recursive or not. Both should automatically select child tags or not. This would require a change in the client only, I suppose easier to implement, as the DB structure need not be changed. For exotic search behavior and regex we can wait, but atleast this would please both the parent-child tag groups and free form tag groups. regards, Xanadu
  11. Would this design cause any issues? The very fact that Evernote has a "Create 'newtag' in 'some existing tag' " option, I assume the tag hierarchy is saved somewhere. So maybe a small check box in options or a button on the toolbar which suggests recursive or not. Something like Windows search. If you see the options in Windows search there is "Search Subfolders" as the default behaviour. Now not to annoy regular Evernote users who like the current tag system, the default can be always be not selected. But if some user fancies it, he can put a tick mark on "recursive (or some other meaningful name)", and then selecting the parent should also select all notes having the child tags. You can still enforce the rule that all tag names should be unique across all parents, not to break the current system. Don't think this would break anything, or would it? I am not a developer, so please excuse if this makes no sense. regards, Xanadu
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