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(Archived) Note open in fullscreen, cmd-tab to Evernote, click click...




I have a note open in Evernote in fullscreen.

I switch (via cmd-tab) to Chrome (or any other app) to look up some information.

I cmd-tab back to Evernote and have to click twice to get my note to regain focus. When I cmd-tab over it just shows a dimmed thumbnail view, but to be able to type, I have to click click. It slows down my workflow.

Is anyone else seeing this? Anything that can be done about it?

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I'm having the same problem. Is there a solution?


In addition to what is mentioned above, I've found that a second pair of ⌘-tab presses will fix the focus properly. In other words: ⌘-tab to Evernote results in no focus, ⌘-tab away from Evernote, ⌘-tab back to Evernote results in focus (as in other applications on the first ⌘-tab).

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