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(Archived) Google Search and Evernote


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Ok somehow I turned something on so when I do a google search it also searches my evernote. Then I ask my self how secure is my data with this. SO I want to turn it off. I've looked all over google and Evernote and can't find it now. SO either I am not seeing or to stupid.

So can anyone tell me how secure is my data and how do I turn this thing off.

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You must be using Chrome. It is not available in Windows at this time.

"There are two ways to activate Simultaneous Search. There’s a checkbox in the Evernote extension settings and a checkbox on the login screen of the extension. The feature is OFF by default, so you’ll need to check one of those boxes."


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If I understood it correctly, the Chrome extension sends a query to the Evernote server, and display the results in the Google results page. It looks like a Google search, but Google does not perform the search in Evernote servers.

Is that right?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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