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  1. This issue has something to do with the source of the note. If I select title and a few paragraphs of this BBC News, and then I press Win+A, autotitle doesn't work. But if I paste it into the Windows Notepad, I select it again and I press Win+A, the first line becomes the Evernote note title. I found also this behaviour when trying to create a note from LibreOffice (and other programs): autotitle doesn't work from inside LibreOffice but it does work from Notepad.
  2. After updating to (Windows 7 Pro, SP1), auto-title is missing when copying a text directly into a new note via keyboard shortcut. When creating a new note inside the application, auto-title works finely.
  3. Same with Spanish-Spain keyboard. We have the 'ñ' in the place US Keyboard has the '`'. I've noticed this behaviour in Google Drive spreadsheets.
  4. I have the same problem. I keep some notes in a kind of pre-trash notebook, and I have a "-updated:week-4" search to select the notes that go to the actual trash. As noted in this thread, this doesn't work with notes not modified after their creation (and surprisingly for me, although I understand the rationale, moving o tagging a note doesn't change the "updated" date), which appear in the search even if they have been created today. And, perhaps related to the comment by the CTO that Reaver brought up, the search works fine in the Web client.
  5. Just for the record, I also have the same problem. As Chikitanee, I'm on XP and Outlook 2007.
  6. If I understood it correctly, the Chrome extension sends a query to the Evernote server, and display the results in the Google results page. It looks like a Google search, but Google does not perform the search in Evernote servers.
  7. Probably related, if you copy some text from EN and paste it in Word, size font 10 in EN becomes size font 13,5 in Word.
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