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  1. Thank you. Activity Log does not show more than 3 days?
  2. Hello, I spent some time to delete a huge list of shortcuts from the iPhone. I swear I synched and they were all gone from 2 Mac and the iPhone. This was this morning. Tonight... they are all back. Do I have to stop some pills?
  3. Big thanks to the Taskclone team! They managed to make me a solution before and update which should give more options to all.
  4. I got the opposite.(only using the web here). With the Classic Link I cannot open the link in the web app. The best solution would be to install the Application software on every machine in my work environment. Is the Evernote Database secure when you disconnect from your account? Is the Database encrypted?
  5. In this case situation I only want to share with myself (and don't want the other link provided for the in App view as this app would be not installed).
  6. Any security difference ? When using Taskclone (Evernote -> Toodledo) it creates the Classic note link but this is less useful than the Public link because, this way, you don’t have the [View in Evernote] option on the web page. Thanks you!
  7. Why do I have always this message when I quit Skitch "Skitch is syncing your images", when obviously it is not?
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