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(Archived) Manage feature request using UserVoice

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Hi, to Evernote team,

I love Evernote and find it a great useful service, and I very sure a lot of people here really do. However, one thing that is a great letdown by Evernote is that there is no proper way to handle feature request. Most of the requests seem to drown itself into oblivion in the overwhelming forum, and I believe I am not alone to feel this way. As Evernote is growing, it will be great to have a proper way to manage feature request, and one that users can vote for features and search the feature database so as not to duplicate request. Hopefully that Evernote can be driven by real user's needs. A useful tool to handle feature request is UserVoice. A good example of how it is done is http://zopim.uservoice.com/forums/19490-general .

There is one feature that I hope that can be added to Evernote is Document Locking which prevent document change. I can't tell you enough that how valuable this is when it is so easy to modify document accidentially (and sometimes without awaring that) in Windows and mac client, and then suddenly you find that evernote has already sync those undesired changes. You can imagine those horror when a list of passwords have accidentially disappeared or altered. A simple toggle button to lock and unlock document will be great and come in handy.

The implementation does not need to be sophisticated, and it just need to do the job of locking document in Evernote client.

For example:

A user update some passwords in a document in Evernote desktop client, and than lock the document.

The user browse the password doc in Evernote mobile client, and want to add more passwords. He unlock the doc, and make the change, then lock it again.

The locking property of the doc is updated accordingly to the cloud.

thx :}

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The Evernote people have said a number of times that their preferred methods of receiving ideas is either by support request or in the forum.

They have also said that they read pretty much every post, even if they don't reply to them all. I don't think you have any reason to feel that anything you suggest is being 'drowned'.

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Sure; Dave Engberg, when he was more in evidence in the forums, talked about this a ways back, and he didn't seem to favor the voting approach (he was familiar with the other systems). My feeling is that by-and-large, Evernote sets their main priorities on their own, taking into account a number of inputs, including these forums (but not the +1's); they have their long-term vision, and will add features that tend to support that. That's not to say that user feature requests aren't welcomed or heeded; they just need to work their way through the prioritization, just like anything else, and that almost always takes some time for those features that make the cut.

They've also said that they will be replacing this forum with something new, but no timetable for that has been released, nor what the new system will be.

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However, one thing that is a great letdown by Evernote is that there is no proper way to handle feature request.

There are multiple methodologies we use to log feature sets, review and save ideas. Some get integrated into the overall project plan. Some are deemed great but need to hit the backburner b/c there are other features or functions that need development. Some lie so far outside our wheelhouse that there's no way to actually implement in the near term. With that said, we are a 100 year company, so you never know, 50 years down the line...

I've heard it will have a Mod Cave where evangelists can hang out and add our own +1s to features.

Just a rumour though.


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