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(Archived) Evernote for MacOS 3.0.2 Beta 1



People of Evernote on Mac,

We've been working on various issues and have a Beta 1 to try out. Notably, we've fixed the issue of the favorite's bar resetting if you've removed one of the default buttons. There are still known issues that we're working on. These include instances of graphical issues (especially around scrolling, fullscreen mode & resizing) and instances of cpu hogging.

If you've enabled Beta updates, click on "Check For Updates..." from the "Help" menu or visit http://s.evernote.com/mac2preview

Also, the Safari Extension, replacing our old Safari Clipper, is in beta and will be released soon.


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I can confirm the embarrassing text encoding issue in the Danish version. And to elaborate: It does not affect notes, titles or tags - only the native GUI text elements, i.e. it's an issue with the translation files.

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Yes, so sorry about this. This is an issue that spans across most languages outside English. We are working on an immediate fix.

thanks everyone for being so quick with screenshots.

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It is actually much worse. When clipping stuff in French, it turns it into gibberish. Check this out:

This problem is probably related to the site the note was clipped from, not the EN application itself. Notes clipped in French from other sites turned out correctly.

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