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  1. This problem is probably related to the site the note was clipped from, not the EN application itself. Notes clipped in French from other sites turned out correctly.
  2. Hmm. Brought back older version (the one before this latest beta) from Time Machine. That fixed the text display problem. Even better, the problem I had earlier with the amnesiac favorites bar miraculously disappeared, too.
  3. It is actually much worse. When clipping stuff in French, it turns it into gibberish. Check this out:
  4. Even better, go to preference and uncheck the “bring new note to the foreground” box (under “Clipping”). So that spares me the cmd+w part, but I still have to navigate back to Safari using cmd+tab. Under Snow Leopard there was no need, as Evernote remained resolutely in the background and you didn’t leave the app you’re clipping from.
  5. I have to add, though, that the idea of a favorites bar is an excellent one, but needs some polish. We need a way to see what the search terms are. And why is it that each time I start the app, the default items I removed from the bar are back in place again?
  6. Ok, but at least give us a quick way to see the search terms and the number of items returned.
  7. I second that. With the latest beta version, there is no way to know the terms of the search or the number of items its returned.
  8. Good, at last some progress. The copy to Evernote universal shortcut (cmd+ctrl+v) now half-works. When you use it, it brings the Evernote app to the foreground and pasts the note. That’s better than not pasting anything at all until you manually bring the app to the fore, but it still falls short of the way the app worked under Snow Leopard, which pasted stuff with Evernote app completely in the background. Now, with this Beta 4, Evernote comes to the fore, so you still have to navigate back to the app (e.g., Safari) you’re clipping from. (And lest you think I’m just nit-picking, consider that on an average work day I clip hundreds of articles from the web, and often have to do it as quickly as possible, so each mouse click you add to the process slows things down a lot and increases the likelihood of error. And that is why using a browser clipper or bookmarklet is out of question — juts too slow.) This latest version raises hopes that maybe one day the Evernote team will get the app to work the same way it did a month ago.
  9. If you think adding new features no one was asking for (e.g., full-screen mode) is more urgent than fixing basic note-taking functionality in a note-taking app (e.g., the universal copy to Evernote shortcut, aka alt+cmd+v) then you clearly have your priorities wrong. Sorry, but there’s no other way to put it. The broken copy shortcut was first brought to Evernote’s attention by your’s truly in early June, that’s about two months ago, and you still don’t see it as a priority. That’s no way to treat customers.
  10. Frankly guys (Evernote team) instead of wasting your time and ours on gimmicks like full-screen mode (which we all lived happily without a few weeks ago) you should focus on restoring broken functionality, like restoring the universal copy shortcut.
  11. When are you going to fix this viewtopic.php?f=38&t=26970&p=115314&hilit=eseifan#p115314 Frankly I’m terribly disappointed.
  12. This is not a clipper problem. The Firefox and Chrome clippers work just fine, and the Safari bookmarklet also. What is not working is the ctrl+cmd+V universal shortcut to paste stuff into the Evernote app when it is in the background. This is a problem of communication between the Evernote app and the OS, nothing to do with clippers or browsers. The Evernote team was informed of it a couple of months ago and they apparently decided it wasn’t that urgent. The browser clippers are just too slow for me. Sometimes in a workday I have to collect hundreds of articles from the web on a certain topic I’m researching. And that kind of scale, the clipper is just hopelessly slow, has no keyboard shortcuts, and sends the article to the Evernote server, not to the desktop app, so you have to synchronise before you can see what was copied or not. Again, this process is hopelessly slow and inefficient.
  13. The same problem with Chrome. ctrl+cmd+V to clip to Evernote works only when the app is in the foreground, otherwise, forget it. This is not a browser problem, this is an Evernote app problem.
  14. The keyboard short cuts for clipping are broken. Under Snow Leopard, when you select text in the browser, copy (ctrl+c) and then click ctrl+cmd+V and the text selected is copied into Evernote, along with the URL it came from. Now, with Lion, this doesn’t work as it should: the note is clipped only once you bring the Evernote app to the fore. If you copy and paste several notes and then bring the Evernote app to the fore, only the last item is clipped. And it is not a Safari-specific problem; it is exactly the same way with Firefox. This is bad, a deal breaker for me. I rely heavily on Evernote for my work, sometimes clipping hundreds of articles per working day. Having to switch back and forth between the browser and Evernote at every clipping is just no good. The worst part is that this is not new. I myself informed the Evernote team of this back in May (or maybe June) when I was running a beta of Lion. Any idea what’s going on?
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