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(Archived) Evernote Version 3.0.0 Beta 3 (167621) crashing on Lion



Did a search but did not come across this issue: on Lion with this version of Evernote, the app locks up when I click on the URL associated with a note (if it was a clipping) or on a URL in the note itself. I get the spinning beach ball of death and have to force-quit Evernote - after five minutes, it doesn't recover, which is long enough to wait. Anyone know what's going on?

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I'd shoot your request to our tech crew, to the support link in my signature so we can begin taking care of and tracking the issue. I'd do some quick testing myself but I'm not on Lion...yet :(

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Apparently, this crash happens:

When I try to open a PDF from within the note (Open / Open with...);

When I try to access Evernote technical support from the Help menu

In short, on Lion, for me, Evernote is well-nigh broken. Suggestions on how to completely reinstall it without losing my notes would be hugely appreciated.

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