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  1. There's a pretty serious bug in the new Safari Clipper extension. This is happening on two educational CMS sites, Blackboard, and Blackbaud (yeah, what's with the names?). When these pages load, the Clipper also loads without user prompting. What's worse is that the clipper can't be dismissed when you click the "x." In fact, sometimes new Clipper sub-windows load, overlapping each other, and they can't be dismissed either. On Blackboard pages, they even interfere with the user's ability to interact with the main page content. Clearly there's some weird code on these sites that's messing with the extension (which doesn't surprise me, as educational CMS developers seem to care very little for established web standards - until recently, Blackbaud still insisted that Internet Explorer was the best browser to use with it, despite the fact that IE on the Mac has been defunct for years). Hopefully someone at Evernote is monitoring these forums and can have a look at this issue.
  2. Same problem on iPad 3 and iPad mini. This didn't start until after the password reset updates.
  3. Downloaded 3.0.1 - same problems as above. Reverted to 2.2.3 and everything works okay.
  4. This is the latest release (according to the Update checker). Have filed a bug report with the devs.
  5. Apparently, this crash happens: When I try to open a PDF from within the note (Open / Open with...); When I try to access Evernote technical support from the Help menu In short, on Lion, for me, Evernote is well-nigh broken. Suggestions on how to completely reinstall it without losing my notes would be hugely appreciated.
  6. Did a search but did not come across this issue: on Lion with this version of Evernote, the app locks up when I click on the URL associated with a note (if it was a clipping) or on a URL in the note itself. I get the spinning beach ball of death and have to force-quit Evernote - after five minutes, it doesn't recover, which is long enough to wait. Anyone know what's going on?
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