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(Archived) your example uses of 'Note Links"

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I am so happy EN implemented note links - you can use them in so many ways. I believe they will, as people get used to them, revolutionize what can be done with evernote. I thought it would be good to start a thread on how people are using them in new organizational ways - for us all to learn from. Please add tips and example uses of "note links" in your EN setup. I'll start:

TIP 1: Note Links once made can be copy and pasted in mass, so you can make a bunch of them on a page (ie. local table of contents or names of all your team or a take me to the local main note top) and you can quickly grab them all and copy them into other notes as will.

TIP2: Note links like a wikiword: I have a main local note with notes under it. For instance a main note called GRADS, with notes of all my grads titled by name. My main local note ( GRADS) has notelinks to all my students and my students notes all link back up to Grads.

TIP3: If there are two or more notes that have integrated usage, I put 'note links' between them exact where I use them ( even several places in a note), for very fast back and forth speed. Works great for fast copy/pasting lines of info that change state ( like completed task) from on note to another in 3 secs and back again. ( see archiving tasks * below).

USAGE 1) Wiki Style hierarchical linking.

For me I just switched from my wiki like google docs to evernote because of "note links". So I have an main "note" called Tasks which I live on, there I have NOTE LINKS named after my major topic areas School, Home, Grads, Research, Talks, ... ( I am a prof) and I use bulleting under them to put in the tasks/todos I have orged under that topic name ( and note link). So it is a quick way for me to see what I need to do on my main page, but how to specifically do it usually means clicking on the topic titles (note links) above them to get me to a cluster of specific note info quickly. For my Grads, All people are notes and of course NOTE LINKS listed in GRADS. This way I can move quickly from seeing what I have to do, to putting in notes to do it or get info on it in a clickable way rather than using search. Since I live on my tasks page, I have a section for current issues, which is just me putting a note link to some specific note that is currently important for the day or week or whatever with a task or text info next to it. Looks like this:


home <--- these are titles as well as note links to topic notes that have clusters of notes linked to them

- take car in


- get thesis date for susan

- funding for karen


- submit paper

All my topic notes have subnotes ( like all my grad students "under" grads). I also copied the main task note link on the bottom and top of every note to get me back to my main notes page. I use several org tools for speed using note links on the main page, like * I have a note link to "completed tasks" on this page. So when a task is done, I 1) control-x it ( cut), 2) hit the 'completed task' note link to go there, 3) paste at the bottom, 4) do a shft-Alt-D to date it and 5) hit the Task 'note link' to get me back. 3 seconds to date journal my completed task and return back.

So while not for everyone ( or maybe evernote purists) but I now have an organizational linking system to move around via topic need quickly by my note links ( rather than search or tags). Basically I am stealing from the 20 years of wiki org techniques, when needed.

USAGE 2: When I want to temporarily or permanently link a bunch of notes together, while I could use tags, putting all the notes links together on a new notes "local project" page allows me to annotate why and how they belong together and how to use them. I can do this more than once for different situations using cluster of the same notes. As a prof, I am doing this with research project notes ( on a project - mocap face system say) with link notes to students who happen to be working on it for this short grant ( 6 months) with the notes links of the client (game company) and note links to the grant agency rules and details - all with textual info to tie them together. This allows me to constantly rearrange, which can be a problem with tags alone. I can do this very quickly ( 2 minutes to start). It changes the way I think about notes, now they can be cleaner and stand alone ( modules of info), with this glue notes holding them together via note links and info - which makes for less redundancy and more reuse.

Wish list for "note links" 1) being able to type in a note title anywhere and turning it into a notelink to that note.

Sorry for the long descriptions. Please add other tips or usage ( or organisations) of "note links".

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I really like what you have listed here. I have started creating "**Start Pages**" under different notebooks and utilizing the note links for all the pages within that notebook on that page. In addition, I think your point of then putting a link to the start page at the top of all the pages in that notebook is also brilliant. It speeds up navigation all around. The analogy to a Wiki page, or even a web page feel, with this start page being the home page is really a nice way of working. Thanks for sharing this!

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1) I paste links to relevant notes into Remember The Milk tasks, and RTM task links into the relevant EN notes.

2) Because most of the notes I share, I also want filed in unshared notebooks, I make copies of notes I am sharing and paste the links for each in the other note.

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I use Note Links with a couple of public notebooks.

The trick is to create a public notebook, then create what will be your "Contents" page. Then in the settings, you will set EN to these settings. (sorted by, sort order)

[attachment=0]ScreenClip [14].png[/attachment]

This then results in this "Contents" page being the first note loaded when someone loads your public notebook.

For Example, one I came up with a little while ago...


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