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  1. You should also look at the new note link feature for this. That is you can make links to other notes ( and back again) inside a note. Tags are good but doing everything with tags is a bit much with GTD. The strength of evernote just got bigger with note links but most people don't use them effectively yet, among other things anything you can to in a gtd wiki you can now do in EN. See my recent post on their uses. viewtopic.php?f=30&t=28115&p=121479
  2. I am so happy EN implemented note links - you can use them in so many ways. I believe they will, as people get used to them, revolutionize what can be done with evernote. I thought it would be good to start a thread on how people are using them in new organizational ways - for us all to learn from. Please add tips and example uses of "note links" in your EN setup. I'll start: TIP 1: Note Links once made can be copy and pasted in mass, so you can make a bunch of them on a page (ie. local table of contents or names of all your team or a take me to the local main note top) and you can quickly grab them all and copy them into other notes as will. TIP2: Note links like a wikiword: I have a main local note with notes under it. For instance a main note called GRADS, with notes of all my grads titled by name. My main local note ( GRADS) has notelinks to all my students and my students notes all link back up to Grads. TIP3: If there are two or more notes that have integrated usage, I put 'note links' between them exact where I use them ( even several places in a note), for very fast back and forth speed. Works great for fast copy/pasting lines of info that change state ( like completed task) from on note to another in 3 secs and back again. ( see archiving tasks * below). USAGE 1) Wiki Style hierarchical linking. For me I just switched from my wiki like google docs to evernote because of "note links". So I have an main "note" called Tasks which I live on, there I have NOTE LINKS named after my major topic areas School, Home, Grads, Research, Talks, ... ( I am a prof) and I use bulleting under them to put in the tasks/todos I have orged under that topic name ( and note link). So it is a quick way for me to see what I need to do on my main page, but how to specifically do it usually means clicking on the topic titles (note links) above them to get me to a cluster of specific note info quickly. For my Grads, All people are notes and of course NOTE LINKS listed in GRADS. This way I can move quickly from seeing what I have to do, to putting in notes to do it or get info on it in a clickable way rather than using search. Since I live on my tasks page, I have a section for current issues, which is just me putting a note link to some specific note that is currently important for the day or week or whatever with a task or text info next to it. Looks like this: TASKS: home <--- these are titles as well as note links to topic notes that have clusters of notes linked to them - take car in grads - get thesis date for susan - funding for karen research - submit paper All my topic notes have subnotes ( like all my grad students "under" grads). I also copied the main task note link on the bottom and top of every note to get me back to my main notes page. I use several org tools for speed using note links on the main page, like * I have a note link to "completed tasks" on this page. So when a task is done, I 1) control-x it ( cut), 2) hit the 'completed task' note link to go there, 3) paste at the bottom, 4) do a shft-Alt-D to date it and 5) hit the Task 'note link' to get me back. 3 seconds to date journal my completed task and return back. So while not for everyone ( or maybe evernote purists) but I now have an organizational linking system to move around via topic need quickly by my note links ( rather than search or tags). Basically I am stealing from the 20 years of wiki org techniques, when needed. USAGE 2: When I want to temporarily or permanently link a bunch of notes together, while I could use tags, putting all the notes links together on a new notes "local project" page allows me to annotate why and how they belong together and how to use them. I can do this more than once for different situations using cluster of the same notes. As a prof, I am doing this with research project notes ( on a project - mocap face system say) with link notes to students who happen to be working on it for this short grant ( 6 months) with the notes links of the client (game company) and note links to the grant agency rules and details - all with textual info to tie them together. This allows me to constantly rearrange, which can be a problem with tags alone. I can do this very quickly ( 2 minutes to start). It changes the way I think about notes, now they can be cleaner and stand alone ( modules of info), with this glue notes holding them together via note links and info - which makes for less redundancy and more reuse. Wish list for "note links" 1) being able to type in a note title anywhere and turning it into a notelink to that note. Sorry for the long descriptions. Please add other tips or usage ( or organisations) of "note links".
  3. As usual - I check in every 6 months for years now - I will move my stuff over to evernote ( seems to have everything else I want) when there are hyperlinks to other notes ( with that evernote will huge expanded possibilities - that search and tags make possible but in a very non-cognitive way). I need it. See ya in 6 months. (have my stuff now on google docs now which can do a simple form of internote linking). -steve
  4. There are millions of people using advanced wikis which give them the knowledge base that you get when you can tie thoughts and info together with local hyperlinks, but these wikis are not "what you see is what you edit", nor overly multimedia (mediawiki being one of many exceptions) or smart about desktop/web interfaces like drag and drop, ... like EN is. So I stand by my original statement that hyper linking concepts and knowledge (rather than just using tags to attempt to do so), would bring 1000s of new users ( a conservative estimate). Tags are good and hierarchical tags are better but tags in general are known as a folksonomy - in that they are very unstructured and eventually become unruly at best as systems get large. They are a great as a secondary system for knowledge management but again get clumsy as the primary one.
  5. Using onenote2010 with webapps - pretty nice - webapps is a little buggy and has MS only (no android, no chrome, doesn't play nice with gmail)) issues. As usual I check back into EN forums every 6 months - see older posts) to see if interlinking is in yet. Not yet. There are 1000s of us who would jump (back) to EN (from ON, from Gdocs, from tiddlywiki, from ...) when this feature even in a simple form is in. What you can do with interlink ( wikiwords essentially will be a game changer). Tags can only go so far. Thanks all for pushing it. See you in 6 months.
  6. This is not only an essential feature but allows a universe of new uses and organization styles for evernote. Linking to notes both internally (like wikiwords) and externally ( through url syntax) is something that Onenote has as does all wikis. I bring this up because Onenote2010 will be in public beta-in a week with wild marketing for months after. Onenote has sucky tagging and no web support, but that could change in 2010, making the comparison/competition with evernote some serious stuff. Getting note linking into EN now (or soon) would help show its strength so you are not just making grouped notes but a mindmap or linked structure of your knowledge space. If I was the EN project manager, I would drop everything to get this in, cause the new uses and smarts of EN would quadruple.
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