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  1. That's fantastic... but not perfect I think it would be better to have the options at the top of the dropdown menu. I have so many notebooks that I would never have seen that there. Thanks very much for pointing that out.
  2. Mac. I should have thought to post this on the Mac forum. It would be great to learn that it can be done on the Mac client. Here's my situation. I want to share a notebook, but most of the notes I want to prevent from being shared. Rather than take the chance that I will neglect to restrict sharing on individual notes, or make some other mistake, I copy the notes I want to share into a shared notebook. I want the tags to carry over with them. Thanks, Jeff.
  3. I want to be able to have a note's tags carry over to another notebook when I copy the note. Ideally this would be a configurable option.
  4. Just swooping in for another comment on this. As a shared notebook would hopefully contain content that is of use to the people I'm sharing with, and as I would like to trim the fat from shared notebooks on occasion, it would really help to have some feedback mechanism to help me prioritize the preservation of some notes over others.
  5. 1) I paste links to relevant notes into Remember The Milk tasks, and RTM task links into the relevant EN notes. 2) Because most of the notes I share, I also want filed in unshared notebooks, I make copies of notes I am sharing and paste the links for each in the other note.
  6. Dave, I'm just revisiting this one. Would it be difficult to build a way to allow undo for an action (as opposed to undo an edit)? I'm sure you realize how essential this is in any application.
  7. The URL only comes over with Safari, and not Firefox (in Snow Leopard).
  8. Great idea for the "holding" local notebooks when needed. Dave, how about a rollover setup where we can accumulate from months we don't use the allowance, up to some point... 3GB for example. Then when we need it, it's there.
  9. I don't know if this is any consolation or encouragement, but after the first couple of months of intense uploading, I no longer get close to using my limit, but still use EN for everything everyday, including formal research. s I do have a suggestion for EN though, and that is to allow two months of double usage per year. A policy like that might accommodate the occasional needs of many users for heavy activity.
  10. I do some archiving. I have a business and I am a student. I use the same archiving model for both. I have a Business stack and a Class stack. I have a notebook for each active client and for each class in the current semesters and a Business Archive and Class Archive notebook in their respective stacks. I use a nested tag structure. I have a Business parent tag and a Class parent tag, I have a sub Business Archive tag and sub Class Archive tag under each respective parent, and I have a sub tag for each active client and each current class (with their child tags under them). When a client is no longer active, I move all the notes for it into the Business Archive notebook and the entire tag structure for that client to be under the Business Archive tag. I similarly move the notes for all completed classes into the Class Archive notebook and their tag structures to be under the Class Archive tag. Then I delete the empty notebooks. This helps me to keep my stacks with a smaller number of notebooks for only those subjects that are active (and the tags are out of site collapsed in the archive tags). I can always recreate a client notebook from the archive by using the tags to find the notes.
  11. I would rather checkboxes than a dropdown menu to select notebooks to hierarchify so that multiple notebooks could be done at once. It is going to take me a long take to do weekly maintenance of my notebooks of I have to babysit it through each notebook. I can see however that with a stalled status bar, it would be difficult to gauge the length of time needed or remaining if Taggy is working on a large number of notebooks.
  12. Great app. I especially love the log.txt as helpful if you want to manually change anything Taggy does. And that's how I discovered a caveat for users. I use a Misc parent tag for tags that are unrelated to tag categories (e.g., "phone" to tag notes that I know I can and want to access through the mobile site's saved-search browsing). However, I don't want all (498) notes with that tag also tagged with Misc because the Misc parent also contains other unrelated tags. So, I have moved all child tags out of Misc and up to top level—a little more cluttered tag tree but better than grouping all under Misc. I caught it early and was able to manually remove Misc from the hundred or so notes that I had already "hierachified". Good work and thanks very much for making this available virtually for free, too. You're one of the good guys! (although I must admit to a strong aversion to using "air" installers like the Mac App Store)
  13. Cool! (to borrow a word from the app's confirmation dialog) I'll take my comments over to: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?uid=26157&f=38&t=24673&start=0
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