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  1. Cool! (to borrow a word from the app's confirmation dialog) I'll take my comments over to: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?uid=26157&f=38&t=24673&start=0
  2. Workaround, but if your tag hierarchy is two deep you can do this today. Expand the parent tag, shift select the children, change the search parameter to any and you will search all notes with the any of the child tags. More than a 2 level tag structure and more work... stedwick is brilliant to suggest this type of functionality. csihilling is brilliant to point out the workaround. I am one of those who like jbenson2 would tag: tree tree maple tree maple sugar tree maple swamp The tree is intrinsic to creative intelligence.
  3. Here's what I'm doing to take the search local. When I search in Chrome and click on the results for EN, in the new browser session I click to save the search. Then I have the notes collected locally. I can always delete the search later.
  4. You are so helpful, Jeff. (Now that I've buttered you up...) If I may please ask you to point me to the specific setting control. Here are the options I see. EDIT: Yikes that's a big image!
  5. Thank you again, Jeff. I have that installed. Does the version for Chrome for Mac not have that functionality? Perhaps I am missing it, but I can't see in the options a what to configure to clip from Chrome to the EN Mac client.
  6. Thank you, Jeff. I don't see an option to clip to the client in Chrome, as I see in Safari and Firefox. I am further confused in reading Dave's post here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?uid=26157&f=39&t=18087&start=0#p73665
  7. I just found this: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=18160&p=83037&hilit=format#p82634 Getting plain text into an EN Note in both Windows and Mac is very simple: WIN: CTRL-SHIFT-V MAC: CMD-SHIFT-V It works. However, email and web addresses still come in as hyperlinked, and I don't know how to turn that off.
  8. I'm copying from TextEdit. I started with text copied from the web into EN. Then because I couldn't get rid of underline text, I copied it out into textedit (plain text, which is my default for text). Then I created my line breaks and copied it back into EN. The line breaks were gone. However, all web and email addresses became hyperlinked. Here's another ditty. If text preceding a hyperlink text gets merged with linked text and then is separated out, it retains its link. So, If I have "Joe Smith joe@smith.com" and that gets connected (whether by user error or by EN formatting funkiness) to become "Joe Smithjoe@smith.com" "Smithjoe@smith.com" is the new hyperlinked text. It I then add a space or return to try to correct it, then "Smith" is hyperlinked (mailto:joe@smith.com) and "joe@smith.com" retains its hyperlink (mailto:joe@smith.com). The only solution is to delete the hyperlinked Smith and retype it. In addition to this report, I'd like to ask: 1) Is there a way to specify EN (Mac) to use a plain text format mode? 2) Why does do email web addresses not become hyperlinks when I enter them manually, but do if I copy them in (from a plain text editor, TextEdit)? Thank you.
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