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(Archived) EN steps to take before format HD and reinstall Windows 7?

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I'm an EN free user under Windows 7 64 bit. Windows is acting weird and I am close to giving up on fixing it and will probably format the hard drive and re-install Win 7 and all my applications. Are there any special steps I should take first to easily get my EN notes back when I re-install EN? Do I just sync before doing anything and then sync again after everything is re-installed?

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As long as you don't have any local notebooks that aren't synched, yes you can format, re-install and then synch and download all of your notes.

If you want to be really careful, then you can open Tools, Options and click the 'open database folder' link, and take a backup of your EN database before formatting.

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I'd say, something to consider is the size of your database. If you have lots of notes, maybe > 4000 (or lots of pictures, voice notes, large files), then I'd copy the local .exb file on a stick or external harddisk.

Then install your new system, download the latest EN, install it and copy your .exb file to the location of your database. That is quick and saves you lots of syncing time.

However, if you have a small number of notes, then syncing your new EN from the remote is quick enough and easier.


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FYI. Another backup method is:

- Make a compressed copy of the exb file

- Copy the compressed (zip) backup file to a Dropbox Private folder

I use Dropbox, but any other equivalent cloud storage service would work as well.

If you are concerned about your data security you could encrypt the data before exporting it.

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