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(Archived) Feature Request: Highlighting, strikethrough within a note

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Just adding my vote for incorporating highlighting in the text editor. Strikethrough would be very helpful as well--sometimes I have bulleted lists with checkboxes, but would like to strike out individual items before checking off the main item (such as in a present buying list during the holidays, striking out individual gifts as I go before checking off the person as complete).

Double line spacing would also be nice.

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Thanks for the tip on strikethrough. Any input from Evernote if and when they plan to implement highlighting? I think it would be extremely useful in both text notes and PDFs. I think a logical next step after adding highlighting would be a whiteboard type markup ability. That would help in both collaboration projects and to visually aid edits, etc.

Thanks. I love reading through the forums to learn new ways of using Evernote.

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