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(Archived) Storing sensitive documents on Evernote

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I have read several posts on security, but I am curious how or if people are using Evernote to store any sensative documents (medical records, etc). If they are now are you doing it? I am concerned on putting certain docs online. I can encrypt the document and but would not expect it to be searchable. Currently I keep everyone on a detachable drive.

Any ideas, thoughts??


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For sensitive documents, I store them in an Evernote unsync'd Notebook on my local client.

This prevents the info from being accessible on my mobile device or the web.

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And if you are only going to store them locally, then remember to back them up....

Personally, I put most things in Evernote - if someone wants to steal my identity there are far easier ways of doing it than getting into Evernote, finding my notes, un-encrypting them etc etc.

The only real exception is my banking user names and passwords which live in my head only.

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You should back up regardless of whether the notes are in sync'd or local non-sync'd notebooks. True, the sync'd notebooks can be restored from the cloud, but for large Evernote databases, that will take a considerable amount of download time.

In Windows, all notes, sync'd notebooks, local non-sync'd notebooks, shared notebooks are stored in the .exb file.

  • (yourusername.exb file)

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