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(Archived) Search for notes up to & including a given creation date



I want to filter notes in a Notebook up to & including a given creation date - and can't find the search string.

The point is to edit Creation & Modify Dates (you can do that in the Mac Application - not in the Web-Version (?); Then I could use a "Saved Search" to filter "active" ToDo Notes, i.e. after a given starting date.

Thanks for the help


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From the Knowledge Base article: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/advanced-search?lang=en:

Search term: created:[datetime]

Description: Searches for notes created on or after the date provided. Note that the date provided must be formatted like this: YYYYMMDD or as a date relative to the current date (e.g., day-1 to represent yesterday, week-2 to represent two weeks ago, etc.)


created:day-2 will return notes that were created in the last two days.

created:20101101 will return notes created on or after November 1, 2010

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I want to filter notes in a Notebook up to & including a given creation date - and can't find the search string.

There are three ways to use the create date search grammar

  • Created (since)
    -Created (before)

You mentioned that you are looking for notes that were created up to a certain date - let's use up to Feb 15, 2011 as an example:

created since

  • created:20110215
    result: all notes created between Feb 15 and today

created before (notice I added one day in order to include Feb 15th) this is the one you were looking for

  • -created:20110216
    result: all notes created from Feb 15 back to the beginning of time.

And if you wanted to see only the notes created between the beginning of the year and Feb 15, 2011, you could use this:

  • created:20110101 -created:20110216

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Thank you for your answer!

But what I want is a dynamically changing list of "ToDo-Notes", day by day kept up to date according to their "due date" (actually the "creation"-date) and not showing notes with creation-dates "after" the current date.

I tried to achive this with the help of the "day"-parameter for the "created:" property in one or more search-creteria - but without luck.

Is there a way or not?

Thanks for the help


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Because you are using a MAC, the instructions are probably different.

In Windows, I could create a saved search to find

  • All my future stuff by using the following criteria:
    • created:day

And to see all my past stuff (except today):

  • -created:day

This is just one more reason why the Due Date column is needed.

On November 20, 2010, Dave Engberg said:

We plan to support the '+' operator to represent dates in the future, so you could do this:

created:day -created:day+1

I think this works on the web, but not on all platforms yet. It won't ever work on Windows version 3.5, since that's the old version.

This makes a lot more sense for the 'due' date field we plan to add in the future, rather than messing around with the "created" date, so it's no longer useful to identify when a note was actually really created.


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