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  1. Like the 'Author'-field is! As it is in the Mac-App. Feature Request applies to iOS App as well!
  2. It would be great, if you could have just the list of entries in the List-Window without showing the info & content view of the selected entry on the bottom. The advantage is to see more entries; to open a Note-Entry it is only necessary to double-click the line in the list anyway.
  3. Me too, I find the "You are leyving EN" highly annoying; and the flyover with links as well; adding a link should work as with Googl Mail: hitting CMD-K should open the dialogue as anywhere else!
  4. a "Smart Notebook" would be a Notebook you can use as you can use an ordinary NB - as the are standard to EN; but it collects notes matching certain criteria. iTunes or Fotos do the like.
  5. ...would be a better idea, than the "saved searches" mechanism!
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