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(Archived) HOWTO: Import bookmarks from computer to Evernote

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The Evernote Windows desktop client won't import HTML files directly using File / Import (it's looking for .enex files), but the the Import Folders facility will import HTML files just fine, or you can always drag'n'drop an HTML file from Explorer into Evernote.

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Importing .html files to evernote, creates one big note with all the bookmarks in it

If you want to import the bookmarks individually, you can use my perl script. It will generate an .enex file (to import with the desktop version) out of any html file.

The .html file can be an export from chrome (tested) or firefox or whatever. The script just parses all the links in the file an generates indivdual entries.

It's completly free (as in beer) and only uses perl as prerequisite.

The file is downloadable on my blog:


Regards, Thomas :P

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I hope you're not using regular expressions to parse HTML?!?!? :)

(I'm kidding, it doesn't look as though you are, but Perl is a foreign country to me)

I don't need this, but someone else might... thanks for the contribution.

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No problem - I'm using HTML::Parser. I'm aware of the pros and cons of regular expressions ;) .

Just install perl for your OS and follow the instructions in the blog post. It's really easy.

It should also work correctly with all the special characters and encodings (tested with german umlauts and other special characters).

Thanks, Thomas

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Does this work for Mac?

At a guess, yes. It's just taking an HTML collection of bookmarks, and converting them into an ENEX version, which you can then import into Evernote. You do need Perl installed. Not being au courant with MacEvernote, I don't know now easy it is to import ENEX files, or whether Perl is pre-installed..

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