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Would there be any chance to make an "Evernote Plus" service to go between the Evernote free and Premium versions? People are switching from netbooks to tablets and Evernote would be a popular app to have available offline - not everyone springs for a data plan for their tablets. The free version of Evernote has this for Windows, but not for iOS and Android. Perhaps having a "plus" service for $20/yr to add this one feature might be a good stepping stone to premium. It could keep people from getting OneNote for iOS, as an example.

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Interesting and a bit ironic...Evernote's primary mission is to be one's external brain, anywhere and everywhere. Hence, having your information in the cloud, ubiquitously accessible on numerous platforms (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, web, etc.) makes perfect sense. Evernote essentially gives this away for free, but charges you to be able to keep your information local on mobile devices, even if the information was originally entered on the device.

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Interesting that nobody from Evernote commented. Either they don't care, or they have something in the works. Or, perhaps, they are waiting to see other reactions.

Evernote has stated their stance on the topic in more than one post, including this one. If they don't post a reply to every post where someone requests something, it's not because they don't care & not b/c they don't read it. Simply that they don't always have time to reply to every post (there are quite a few more of us than there are of them) and if their stance hasn't changed, they probably choose to not post "nothing has changed."

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Thanks for that link. I hadn't searched that far back (or, at least, I missed that thread). They do make good points.

I guess I could look at it this way. I wouldn't need offline access if I tethered my tablet to my smartphone. But that would cost $360/yr instead of $45. This does make Evernote Premium look like a bargain.

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Evernote has stated their stance on the topic in more than one post, including this one.

Far out, some of those posts - "I want this, therefore it should be easy, so give it to me."

It's not like this is a $200/year service - it's less than $50. A complete bargain already.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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