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  1. Solved. No idea why it wasn't there, but when I inserted a different key combo, that showed up, then when I went back to CTRL-PRSCR that was fine as well. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, multiple times. It hasn't worked since I reset W10 a few weeks ago and reinstalled everything fresh. Everything else seems fine, but not this. Confusing and annoying.
  3. So, I've used CTRL-PRTSCR as the key combo for bringing up the screen clipper forever. However, I'm now getting an error message (attached) no matter what hotkey combo I put into options. Right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting "clip screenshot" works, but it's obviously nothing like as convenient. Any suggestions?
  4. FWIW, I'd only want the format painter on the desktop (not the phone, web, etc), but I would want it a GREAT DEAL.
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