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  1. +1 for this! It's a feature I really miss coming from OneNote.
  2. Thanks for that link. I hadn't searched that far back (or, at least, I missed that thread). They do make good points. I guess I could look at it this way. I wouldn't need offline access if I tethered my tablet to my smartphone. But that would cost $360/yr instead of $45. This does make Evernote Premium look like a bargain.
  3. Interesting that nobody from Evernote commented. Either they don't care, or they have something in the works. Or, perhaps, they are waiting to see other reactions.
  4. Would there be any chance to make an "Evernote Plus" service to go between the Evernote free and Premium versions? People are switching from netbooks to tablets and Evernote would be a popular app to have available offline - not everyone springs for a data plan for their tablets. The free version of Evernote has this for Windows, but not for iOS and Android. Perhaps having a "plus" service for $20/yr to add this one feature might be a good stepping stone to premium. It could keep people from getting OneNote for iOS, as an example.
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