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(Archived) Where are the help files for EN ?

Mata Hari


I could not find any help files. There is a Help menu and a Search field but that is for help on the Mac OS, not for EN. Then I also looked up the EN home site. There is a Getting Started with EN. Is that all ?

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On May 9, 2011, the fellow in charge of documentation posted Evernote's strategy for help files.

  • "As for a complete, exhaustive manual for Evernote, that isn't planned. Instead of developing large, monolithic documents, we're interested in building a large repository of specific how-to articles and support documentation that users can utilize if they have a specific question (the Knowledge Base being the current incarnation of this idea)."

As an Evernote user, I don't agree with the direction they are heading. As a fallback, I find the API file and this forum more useful.


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The API is in the developer section. Some of the stuff is over my head, but I find the search grammar tips toward the end to be helpful.

There is an HTML and a PDF version


I agree with you about the knowledgebase. I've posted several suggestions like the one I put up today.


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Your post reguarding the Knowledge Base is just a drop in the sea...

It is not as simple as to point out checkboxes or other details... the Knowledge base is simply not good enough.

This is why I am sending questions to the Support Team or here in the Forum

The Support Team has admitted many of the missing are annoying featurs of EN which are in my post

"Annoyances with Ever Note"


But I still stick to EN because I know of no other better app for notes and hope it will improve with next release.

But Windows has OneNote which is much better. Have you tried that.

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