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  1. Hi brvako, Menu Bar - Evernote --> Account Info... Is that what you are after? If you still have the other notebooks laying around (which would be worthy of a bug report), you could try removing Evernote from the system and reinstalling it.
  2. You can also right-click on the pdf in the note and "Save As..." or open it in another app (e.g. Preview) and "Save As..." from there.
  3. From intuition and some quick testing: The 'nice' text will show up when the text field you are pasting into supports some form of rich text. It defaults to just the link when the field only supports plain text. e.g. Get the link by posting into the "To" field of email client, but get the 'nice' text when pasting into the body. I imagine Patrick was pasting into a note that was set to plain text only the first time, but into a rich text note the second time. The links are fairly long, and it does look like they've built some redundancy into them (the repeating string). My guess is it would be for future extensions to the feature (i.e. be able to link to a particular segment of a link). Unfortunately a bit.ly type system relies on some sort of lookup table if it is going to work across multiple platforms (like rogw talks about). I guess the thing that they could do is use all the characters available rather than just hex (0-9 and a-f) which should allow them to fit more information into a smaller number of characters. Maybe they just weren't expecting people to see them. :-D
  4. Hmm...I am unable to clip it either (Chrome 13.0.782.24 beta on Mac). In general, to clip a selection you can select the text, then right-click on the text, "Clip to Evernote", "Clip Selection". However, in this case, I am getting the same "Sorry, Evernote cannot clip this entire page. Please select the portion you wish to clip." even when I click "Clip Selection". I'd say this is worth filing a bug report. In the meantime you may have to try Safari or just copy and paste the text.
  5. A public notebook would fill this use case well.
  6. This is the only way I've found to tag multiple notes on Mac.
  7. Hi julienlamy, Yes, the client is more or less the same thing as the software. The trash can be found in the bottom left of the main Evernote window. Liam
  8. Hi chickeman, If you use a desktop version of Evernote, or the web version, you can find your deleted notes in the "Trash" (usually in the bottom left of the screen). You can then restore these notes by clicking "restore", or by clicking and dragging them into a notebook. Liam
  9. Hi mhughes, You can find where the files actually live, but the directory structure isn't really human readable. ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/data Unfortunately clicking and dragging to desktop is probably your best option. Liam
  10. Hi minkowsi, There is a user manual as PDF at the bottom of http://www.evernote.com/about/support/. Is that the sort of thing you were after? Liam
  11. Hey pruppert, On the new web app your saved searches pop up underneath the search box when you click on it (the search box, that is). As far as the Mac app? Have you clicked the triangle next to Saved Searches in the sidebar? Liam
  12. G'day admirampj, I couldn't find a way of doing this using the Evernote app, so I went ahead and wrote a quick AppleScript to do it for you. Simply select one or more notes that you would like to clear out the tags for and run the script/app. http://www.liamhughes.com/storage/applescript/ClearTags2.zip Liam
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