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Double Spacing



Is there a way to make your text files double space? I've searched everywhere, but all I can find about double spacing issues regarding pasting. But I use Evernote as my primary text editor. Textedit has a spot right on the spacebar. But I just can't find it on the Mac version of Evernote. How do I do this?

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Awesome. I've made a note of that. But I still can't find the spacing. But that will be very helpful. Could I past in a document I like from textedit, then add it to favorites? Would that work?

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I'm not a fonts expert (by a long long long way), but I do know you can go into that fonts window and create your own styles. I'm sure Google can be your friend with this....

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Been trying, but unfortunately, google is not being my friend. I've been searching and searching, but the styles seem to be program independent only. I can't seem to set up a style in textedit, then get it to apply to my Evernote editor. I don't really understand it enough to manipulate invisible files. If anyone has any knowledge on this, it would be hugely appreciated. Ideally, I just want the 'default' blank note of Evernote to come up with a set font, size, left justified, and double spaced. Is there a way to do that?

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Line spacing, be it double-spacing or otherwise, is a paragraph attribute, not a font attribute.

Evernote is NOT a Word Processor, and most likely never will be. It provides a small set of rich-text formatting features, mostly to facilitate the taking and formatting of simple notes.

But is there a work-around? Maybe.

You might try creating a Note that you could use as a template by starting with an HTML editor.

There are various techniques using HTML to achieve double-spacing.

You can then copy the display of the HTML code from your Browser into Evernote.

Once copied into EN, you should be able to add text within the area copied and it will continue to use the double-spacing.

Good luck. This is just an idea with may or may not work.

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I figured it out. If anyone else is having this issue, here is a solution (albeit, not the best of all possible solutions). I've created a note in Microsoft Word. Made it the font, size, double spaced, etc. I wanted. Then copied and pasted that into an Evernote I called 'Note Templet.' I've tested this pretty heavily and found that if I cut the text of this templet and paste it into a new note, then highlight all the text so it deletes when I start typing. The new text seems to hold the format of the old, even the spacing and such. Thanks for all the help everyone.

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