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  1. Ok. It's been months and there is no word. I'm taking this as "No, we are not, and have no plans, to implement Applescript." I would have been overjoyed to have the answer be "Yes, it's coming back as soon as we nail down our feature set." I would have moved on, but been understanding if they had said "No, we are sorry, but respect our customers enough to be honest with them" Unfortunately the answer is clearly "No, but we are going to string you along as long as possible to milk you for every last penny before you move on." Either way, if no Applescript it was going to reduce my Evernot
  2. Is there any "Official Voice" from the company here? I'd just like a yes or no at this point. It's tax time, this would be a good time to switch my system if I have too. I would rather keep using Evernote, for this, but no automation is a deal breaker. Please, if the answer is no we don't intend to ever implement applescript, that will be disappointing, but fair. What I don't want is to go though the effort of a big switch to another service and then have you pop up with applescript support in the summer. I just want to know what to do. Honesty would be appreciated more at this point th
  3. Curious if there is any news on this. I'm not going to quit using Evernote, but if Applescript is not coming back I need know. I"ve been working on scripts for Devon Pro. Not in love with that product, but it works. The longer this question goes unanswered the more likely I'll get my new system up and working - at which point it won't matter anymore. I'll probably downgrade to the free version of Evernote and move on.
  4. Don't mean to pile on, but I use Applescript with Evernote a LOT. I mean, about 80% of what I put into is automated. I've been using (and LOVING) Evernote for years, but if we are losing applescript support, I'm going to have to seriously debate finding another solution for most of what I do. I put a lot of work into making it work well for me.
  5. Odd issue happening here. Evernote crashes, not on opening or while I'm using it, but when I shut it down. It crashes EVERY time. Also, I've written an Applescript to resize my window and that causes it to crash as well. Any ideas? I've tried deleting the pref file. Then the pref file and the helper pref. Then I've uninstalled EVERYTHING, reinstalled a fresh copy (I use the version from the website, not the apple store) re-downloaded all my files... and it crashed when I shut down. I'm out of ideas. Please advise.
  6. Fantastic. Let me work on this for a day or two, but that looks simple. Thanks!
  7. I don't actually have a complete script. But I've designed several others to import files, assign tags, etc. What I really can't figure out is how to pull the created date out of the notes, and to search for a given tag.
  8. Great. Thanks for the help. Those work great. Is there a way to pull out the 'created date' from a note, rather than the current date?
  9. I have a lot of notes that come into Evernote from various automatic sources (drops into a specific folder, IFTTT, etc.) I'd like the bone of an Applescript that would help me organize this mess, all of which piles up in my inbox. Most of these automatic things are arranged to put specific tags on notes as they are created. I would like to create a Applescript that will search all my notes, find ones tagged with a particular tag, the rename that note with a title and a modified version of the note creation date. Finally I'd like the original tag deleted and new ones applied and have it mov
  10. Was that a stupid question? I really don't know what it does or if I need it. I've read the .pdf data, and it's not specific.
  11. I just got the update to 2.0.4 and it asked me at the end if I wanted to use the helper app. The honest answer wasn't on one of the buttons: "I don't know." I have a lot stuff in my login items and I'm trying to keep it trimmed down. What exactly does the helper app do? If I don't activate it, will I unable to use the menubar menu or the firefox plugin (both of which i use a LOT). Or is this something that really does something esoteric and rare. How vital is it, and what features will I lose if I turn it off. Thanks.
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