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  1. Odd issue happening here. Evernote crashes, not on opening or while I'm using it, but when I shut it down. It crashes EVERY time. Also, I've written an Applescript to resize my window and that causes it to crash as well. Any ideas? I've tried deleting the pref file. Then the pref file and the helper pref. Then I've uninstalled EVERYTHING, reinstalled a fresh copy (I use the version from the website, not the apple store) re-downloaded all my files... and it crashed when I shut down. I'm out of ideas. Please advise.
  2. Fantastic. Let me work on this for a day or two, but that looks simple. Thanks!
  3. I don't actually have a complete script. But I've designed several others to import files, assign tags, etc. What I really can't figure out is how to pull the created date out of the notes, and to search for a given tag.
  4. Great. Thanks for the help. Those work great. Is there a way to pull out the 'created date' from a note, rather than the current date?
  5. I have a lot of notes that come into Evernote from various automatic sources (drops into a specific folder, IFTTT, etc.) I'd like the bone of an Applescript that would help me organize this mess, all of which piles up in my inbox. Most of these automatic things are arranged to put specific tags on notes as they are created. I would like to create a Applescript that will search all my notes, find ones tagged with a particular tag, the rename that note with a title and a modified version of the note creation date. Finally I'd like the original tag deleted and new ones applied and have it moved into a specific folder. I know how to do a lot of that, but some things (like parsing out the creation date and reformatting it) it beyond me. Can anybody help with this?
  6. Actually, I got it working. A little more awkward than before, but not much. If anybody is interested and has the same stuff I have, here's what I did: I've moved all my scripts over to Keyboard Maestro, then put a "Move mouse and click here" commend from keyboard maestro, then back to the Applescript to run the rest. I did upgrade my script to your TE expansion suggestion (actually, it didn't work as expected, but I added expand abbreviation and it worked). So I'm back up and running. Thanks for the help.
  7. Obviously, I'm not the best scripter in the world. Indeed, I may be the worst!
  8. Well, the TE isn't just a string, it's kind of a script with some selections. To work as it used to, I need to actually trigger and use Textexpander. Right now I'm working on running the whole process manually though applescript, then sending the results back to applescript. It's not working yet, and if I do get it working it will be clunky. I wish the old way still worked. It was perfect for a long time.
  9. That's a great idea. I'll experiment with that. Thanks.
  10. I used to have an applescript that worked well for me. It would create a note and named it based on the date, then place the cursor at the first space and TYPE (not paste, type) a brief word. The reason the typing is important is the word typed was a textexpander trigger word. This has worked great for years but it no longer does. Here is the part that no longer seems to be working. tell application "Evernote" activate tell application "System Events" keystroke return keystroke "..journal " keystroke return keystroke " " end tell end tell This used to call up the front note (created above) go into the note then type keystrokes using System Events. It no longer does that. it still seems to type the letters, but it's somewhere is space, not the note. It does trigger textexpander, but even then it's not in the note so it doesn't matter. Any idea on what has changed and how to fix this?
  11. I have the same problem, but don't get the solution. You mean clean uninstall/install of Evernote? Using the apple store version, but don't love it at all. Would moving to the Evernote version help?
  12. Should be a piece of cake, but I've been working on it for two hours. I'm out of ideas. set pathToJournalFolder to "Macintosh HD:Users:Scoot:Unbacked:JournalCalWorking:Events.txt" as text tell application id "com.evernote.evernote" activate create note title "Events" from file pathToJournalFolder notebook "Journal" end tell I get 'Missing Value" but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. Why are the simplest things so difficult?
  13. Hi: I'm trying to do something super simple, but it's proving super diffiult. All I want is to open a collection window with no search term, no tags or notebooks not NOTHING. And I would like it sorted newest to oldest (in other words, I want to see the last few things I added to evernote no matter where or with what tags I added them. This is fairly easy in the front end, but it requires enough clicking, highlighting and deleting that I find it tedius. I would like to script it. Here is what I have: tell application "Evernote" close window 1 open collection window with query string "" end tell Works, as far as it goes, but if there happen to be tags left set in the search field, they are still there (are they different from a search term? I just add them by hand when searching and it finds them). Things like that. Also, I can't for the life of me figure the sort order thing out. It may simply not be scriptable.
  14. Those were all my reasons for keeping it off the servers in the first place. But I was dumb. My point in posting was not to complain, but to share my experience. I'm a quasi tech savvy non-moron, and I did this. Since it was one of those 'head smiting' things I thought I'd share it so others won't make the same mistake. It's one of those obvious things that dosen't hit you till you've already done it. I've removed all the data, and I don't think it was backed up anywhere (I'm off the impression that backups happen over night in the US) and am pretty sure it's safe. But I wanted to warn others and hear that it was probably not the end of the world one more time.
  15. I had a major malfunction today. Actually, it started a few days ago when my laptop died and I moved to a new one. That is a tale of woe in and of itself, but I'm here to talk about how this effected Evernote and how you can avoid a terrible mistake I just made. I have used all my notebooks to sync to the cloud, except one in which I stored vital data (accounts, recipts, licences, etc. - serious stuff). Though I comptetely trust the intent of Evernote... things happen, so my goal was to keep this data off the server. I back this 'local only' stuff up by exporting it from Evernote, encrypting it, and saving it in multiple drives. All was well until my laptop died. So I download a fresh copy of the mac client, and sync it all back up. This works great - didn't even take as long as I thought it would. Then, i took my latest export of my 'local' stuff and imported it, then went to make coffee while it ran. It ALSO worked as advertised. It brought that notebook back into my account the same as it was before... except it was no longer a local notebook! It has all synced to the servers while I was away from the desk. So, the first thing I want to do is warn others to be more careful and less stupid than I, and the second is I'd like to know if Evernote does any encryption of it's stored data. I know it's probably secure in transit, but what if evernote is hacked?
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