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(Archived) EN as activity log

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USE CASE: i am often writing logs and activity updates in Evernote and will find myseld in the middle of one when i have to pause and go somewhere else. this will sometimes make me forget to complete what i was writing or i will want to complete it from another device wherever i may be.

REQUEST: can we have a way to always set a default flag/checkbox/tag on all new notes (or in specific notebooks might be better) that would indicate this not was incomplete or otherwise marked? in this way I can always change that flag when done with the respective note.

working with the default notebook doesn't seem to be a good solution because that notebook also seems to be the general default notebook for all other evernote note creation activities that don't explicitly specify a notebook. (yet another separate suggestion)

any thoughts and input would be appreciated from the devs or users that have found ways to implement this.

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