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Ok, got a big problem here. I need to be able to use my evernote note on a school computer. They've decided to block evernote as apparently it's a "file storage" site so I can't sync my notes from my computer. I need to be able to access the notes as a word doc or something. I gave the export to html a go but the images don't go with it. I've tried copying and pasting into a word document but the images won't go. I've tried copying individual images but they won't copy at all. Any ideas? If this isn't just me being stupid, this is a big shortfall of Evernote

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I've just tested exporting a note with text and images to HTML and have successfully created a folder called My Notes with an html file and and a resources folder.

Can you describe the steps you took and I'll see if I can spot if you are missing something.

There isn't an export to Word and if you search the forum you'll see that there is unlikely to ever be one - 'html being the most portable format" or something like that.

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