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  1. Maybe it's from an update but I just found that if I pressed tab at the bottom of the table I could get more rows
  2. The support request suggested I upgrade to the latest beta, this solved the problem, though I lost a few images
  3. That's odd, but ok, so there's no way to edit the number of rows in a table, within the mac version. Can you on the web based evernote?
  4. Simple question: How do you add a new line to an existing table?
  5. Am sending in a support request now. What's weird is that when I export another note with pictures, it exports the pictures too...
  6. Thanks for the help. I right clicked on the note, selected export, then ensured in the dialog it was set to html and then hit save. No images were copied into the folder and nor is there any coding in the html for images
  7. Ok, got a big problem here. I need to be able to use my evernote note on a school computer. They've decided to block evernote as apparently it's a "file storage" site so I can't sync my notes from my computer. I need to be able to access the notes as a word doc or something. I gave the export to html a go but the images don't go with it. I've tried copying and pasting into a word document but the images won't go. I've tried copying individual images but they won't copy at all. Any ideas? If this isn't just me being stupid, this is a big shortfall of Evernote
  8. I worded that the wrong way, sorry. What I meant to say was that I haven't heard anything about it etc and was just checking to see if it was still on the to-do list/in development
  9. Just looked back at my other post on here and it was about the same thing. You guys responded saying thanks for the suggestion but it still hasn't been implemented a year on. This is such a simple feature yet is very useful
  10. This is a feature suggestion: To be able to have say three or four set styles (eg. 2 headings, one for the body text and one for something else). These would be user set in the preferences. This is similar to MS Word with the different headings that can be chosen at the top. This functions would allow a person to quickly add titles etc to separate parts of the note. Thanks, spaaarky13
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