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(Archived) Using Evernote as a video diary




I am a new evernote user, so apologies in advance if this is a stupid question.

I have created various notebooks for work, which frankly has been a godsend to me as handwriting is not a strong point. However I have always finished my working day writing a diary. I wanted to be able to add some video diaries from to some of these.

I basically create a new note per day in my dairy notebook, I have a macbook Pro, and can't seem to work out if you can use the isight camera to record video?

Thanks in advance


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You can't create a video note directly in Evernote - however you could use any application that will allow you to record from your camera and then drop the resulting video into Evernote.

You will need to be a Premium customer to be able to do this though - and you'll have to watch your file size to make sure your file is not too big for a note.

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smj36 - I also use Evernote as a video journal. I use a very complicated process  (which I do NOT recommend) of recording on my iPhone and after a few hops to my desktop it ends up in Evernote. The Dropbox for iPhone app has been updated since then and broke the down-sampling of video (i'm stuck using the old app). Also the Mac client doesn't monitor folders so they won't auto import. 


It would be great to record video directly from the Mac client. Until then you are stuck recording it yourself. The bottom line is to use the lowest quality you can to save on space in Evernote. I don't care about the video quality as much as the ease of capturing and being able to crudely see what I looked like when I made the post.

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This is a great idea. I wonder if there would be a way to record in high quality video and later compress that? Perhaps that would be too much work. By the way, Evernote for Android in Japan has had video notes for a couple of years (?), and so we might see that in other countries someday as well.

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This post got me thinking so I decided to do the research required to update and streamline my process. I have discovered a few other methods to get video into Evernote on the IPhone without the use of a computer. In my linked blog post I give my new preferred method as well as a few others. I don't know if recording on the iPhone is an option for you or not, but it is the way I like to do it.
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Very good idea, but sadly I think Evernote fall short for this type of work. As a premium member I have a lot of work and family stuff on it. But I have to use something else to record a journal so I can write my thoughts without thinking of someone reading them. Same for work since I can't put personnel matters on, unless you encrypt the text.


A huge improvement is the ability to encrypt or even lock a note or notebook with a pass code. I know it has been mentioned, I guess I have to look for a different product for that. That is very very sad in my opinion, as a programmer this would not be hard to implement.

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