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  1. Every few years you guys try and kill list view. Last time it was the Mac client and now the new web client. Please don't. Many of us use that view. It is very useful to see my note's tag and dates at the same time.
  2. Yeah the workflow on the HP Software can be pretty bad for some things. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro - not only can you scan to PDF from there, it will also do the OCR and optimize the PDF. I actually think it does an amazing job. It can produce a file as small as 4k per page!! (Monochrome bill scanned at 300DPI with OCR). That is plenty small for a free account. In my version of Acrobat Pro I go to File.... Create PDF from scanner. In the document settings I use 'optimize scanned PDF', and 'Make Searchable (Run OCR). Do do the actual scan it pops up the HP wizard, and when that is done it returns the data to Acrobat. @GrumpyMonkey - Though I occasionally scan to text only for some stuff, I find that for complex documents with tables of data like bills and such I can't make heads or tails of it that way. In those cases an OCR'd / highly compressed PDF serves me well.
  3. I would also consider dropping the DPI. I never scan reference docs higher than 300dpi. The don't need to look perfect for me, just legible. Also, I can't speak for your scanner software, but my HP scanner software gives me the option of saving a 'text only' PDF using OCR. With this option it doesn't actually save only text, but instead saves all the text it could convert as text, in it's original location, and size / font that it guessed, while leaving any images it couldn't convert still in the document. The result looks almost exactly like the original formatted document, but it about 1/4 the size on average. So it's like a trade-off between pure image, and raw text only. I've been using the same scanner for years though, so I don't know if a similar option exists in other brands etc.
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