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(Archived) Feature Request - create iCal item from notes




I'm using EverNote for a short while now on both Mac, iPhone and PC ( webversion )

for several types of notes; meeting minutes, project reports, brainwaves etc.

very happy user

but... ( always looking for more ;-) )

somewhere in my notes I write something like this

" call John about progress item ABC tomorrow 10:00 30m "

my current workflow using QuickCal for Mac

I select this piece of text, put it in the copy buffer, open QuickCal, paste the buffer

et voila QuickCal understands my action item and creats a calendar item in iCal

maybe EverNote could implement this

or an other way to add actions / ToDo's into iCal from within the notes

thx in advance for reactions


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Tons of stuff about due dates if you do a search.

Bottom line is that Evernote are doing a little more (a due date) development in the future, but any other functionality will probably have to come from 3rd party apps.

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Metrodon is correct that Evernote is hoping for 3rd party app developers to offer calendar and appointment capabilities.

Unfortunately, everyone's hands are tied until Evernote adds the "Due Date" column.

Currently, unless you "jail-break" Evernote and use the "Created Date" for stuff in the future, It is not possible to reliably schedule appointments, meetings or other to-do items.

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This may be a bit helpful to some here. I've been using Egretlist, great iphone TODO interface for Evernote, for a couple months now. When I make a note it provides the ability to set a date/time with a TODO, this syncs with a calendar on my phone, which also syncs to Google/iCal.

I know this is not ideal as it requires the expense of a smart phone and it currently is only on one platform, but some may be able to satisfy those constraints and not know there is a working option.

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