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  1. Anyone able to help me find my favorite feature: Canned searches based on attributes? I use the Unchecked todo items attributes all the time. Or do I just have to create some saved searches?
  2. This may be a bit helpful to some here. I've been using Egretlist, great iphone TODO interface for Evernote, for a couple months now. When I make a note it provides the ability to set a date/time with a TODO, this syncs with a calendar on my phone, which also syncs to Google/iCal. I know this is not ideal as it requires the expense of a smart phone and it currently is only on one platform, but some may be able to satisfy those constraints and not know there is a working option.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. It'd be great to be able to add a token that gets picked up by evernote. Until then I'll experiment with the work arounds.
  4. Is there a strait-forward way to email a ToDo item into a notebook? I have found that I can copy and paste the todo character from Evernote (Mac client) into my email client (Mail.app) and set the appropriate @notebook and #tags: Copied Todo item from Evernote.app Pasted Todo item in mail.app While this method works it is a bit cumbersome. If there is a strait-forward way to include a todo item in an emailed note into a notebook then I can tell my wife to email me todos (the wisdom of making it easier for her to request things of me is fodder for a different post). If not then either I need to make her a Todo email template or get her using Evernote and share a notebook with her. Both are ok options, however, it would be cool if something like this were possible: $todo and $todo:false $todo:true
  5. BurgersNFries, I agree, after a bit of a learning curve, Egretlist is excellent. Thanks for the recommendation...should have said so earlier but I wasn't logged in when I got your post. David
  6. I'm fore smart searches being "notebooks" with all the rights and privileges hereunto pertaining, namely sharing.
  7. I like those ideas and I'll use them. I'll still cross my fingers and hope for a snazzy update that just finds checkboxes--iphone gui--(I like to throw them throughout notes) and pools them into a task list
  8. 1st class = a search for tasks. Putting tasks in a note is context enough for the task but then I have to remember to visit my notes with tasks. I know there are plenty of task managers but assigning a task to a "thought" (capturing thoughts being Evernote's strong suite) seems to make all the sense in the world. Hopping into another program to make a task about a thought I already captured is tedious and unreliable in practice.
  9. Evernote ROCKS! and there's got to be a few regex junkies on payroll. SO IT'S HIGH TIME CHECKBOXED TASKS BECOME A 1st CLASS CITIZEN. checkboxes are pulled from tasks and presented contextually (by location, by time, etc.) creation of a task is drop dead simple reply here if you think so as well.
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