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(Archived) Feature Suggestion: start in Search



I can't see a 'new features suggestions' forum, so I'm posting this here.

When I start Evernote for Mac, it seems to start with a note title selected.

I think it would make more sense for it to start with the search box selected, so I can start the app & start typing even before it's opened, to find the note I want...

This is the default behaviour of other apps, such as Address Book, so you kind of come to expect it. It's a significant usability shortcoming that it doesn't conform to this standard behaviour ...

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I don't know if this capability is available in Apple, but it sure is nice in Windows:

>Tools >Options >Hot Keys

Change the "Find In Evernote" option to F5

Whenever I want to use Evernote, I hit F5. It takes me away from the program I am in and moves me to Evernote.

Not only that, it also clears past searches, selects All Notebooks, and positions the cursor in the Search field.

It works even when starting Evernote - one keystroke and I am ready to go.

Just awesome!

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