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  1. HI there Evernote - love it & all that. But the typeface on iPhone is very old hat - I want to be able to change the default to something like Century Gothic; something light & round. Well, in fact, like the default font your using for this forum - nice, isn't it? (tho' prefer CG ;-) Byword has a really nice look & feel to it, and a *really* nice typeface. I want that, except in Evernote. As my default typeface, so all new notes (& ones I reset to 'plain text') show up like that. Pretty please?
  2. I can't see a 'new features suggestions' forum, so I'm posting this here. When I start Evernote for Mac, it seems to start with a note title selected. I think it would make more sense for it to start with the search box selected, so I can start the app & start typing even before it's opened, to find the note I want... This is the default behaviour of other apps, such as Address Book, so you kind of come to expect it. It's a significant usability shortcoming that it doesn't conform to this standard behaviour ...
  3. As someone who typically uses Evernote on an iPhone, and often finds myself in areas of little / poor 3G coverage ... - It's really annoying that I can''t set Evernote to locally cache all text (or all) notes, automatically - It's really annoying that I can't set notes to be (& force them to remain) plain text, rather than getting the daft 'append / replace' message every time I want to save anything - It's really annoying that there's not a clear indication on Evernote for Mac / Web as to whether a note is plain text, and a simple way to force it to be / remain plain text I like Evernote, but it seems like some real fundamentals of mobile notes have not been grasped. People have been complaining about this as long as I've been using Evernote, but nothing seems to have been done to resolve them; more flashy features like text recognition seems to be where the attention is, rather than getting the basics right. In that regard, Evernote hasn't yet caught up to the original Palm 'Memo' application ...
  4. This is getting ridiculous... I can't figure out how to create a note that will be editable on the handheld: I create a new note on my iPod Touch & it synchronises back to Evernote I then copy some text into a text editor (TextWrangler) & then into the new note on Evernote Mac Synhronise the note back to the iPod Touch & I'm expecting to be able to edit it ... but I STILL get the "you can't edit this text on the iPhone because it contains images ..." The potential of Evernote is great, but the flaws in the basics make it unusable!! Note that the simplest way to solve this problem (I think) is to allow me to mark a note as "text only" on the Touch / Evernote Mac I like this app, but am getting increasingly frustrated
  5. Someone said the simple solution is to include a rich text editor on the iPhone ... I think the simple solution is to be able to mark a note on Mac/Win/Web as 'text only' so you lose the rich text functionality but at least you know it will be editable on the Touch / iPhone / handheld Further to his, if I try to edit a 'Rich' note on my Touch, it should give me options ('Convert to simple text or append to the note?') Finally, what I really need right now is to know how to convert a 'Rich' note back to plain text so I can edit them on the iPod Touch!!
  6. I have an iPod Touch (phone contract will only allow a handset change next July ...) so I really need someting that's going to work offline, as well as allow me to edit notes on the big screen (either web or Mac app). I too am I convert from the Palm TX, so I've got a lot of notes that I need with me. Even if I had an iPhone, I'd want access to notes when on the underground / subway or out of network coverage... I really like the idea of Evernote & the recent change to Favourites to make them available offline means there's some chance I can use it, but it does seem a case of "get the simple stuff right first." So there seems a few more things that might make Touch users like me happy, such as the ability to set ALL notes as available offline (or perhaps a setting per category). Might take up a huge amount of space, but that's out (the user's) problem ... I want to reiterate how much I like Evernote & how interesting I think the idea is I'm also really glad that the company has listened to people's concerns & made available the offline feature ... so I'm persevering with it for now - really want to make this work
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