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Evernote 10.84.3 windows keeps crashing

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After 8 years or so of using Evernote legacy the devs pushed their new version. Evernote legacy was for us a perfect program, never problems and perfect for our business. 

Well, as it was no longer supported we had to update to the newest version. And boy does it suck. Its slow as hell and most importantly it keeps crashing every 5 minutes needing a reboot. 


Anyone have a fix for this problem? WE heavilly rely on evernote and its giving me an aneurysm atm. 


Hope someone can help us

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This post is inconsistent.

Windows 10.84.3 posted in the subform for Android ?

Which OS (there are specific issues on Win11) ? 

When was the client installed ? For the first time it will be slow due to the ongoing download.

Crashing ? How ? I don't run it on Windows, but the desktop version is solid, no crashes on the Mac. I don't remember crash reports from Windows users either. On this last topic you could open a ticket with support. If possible attach an activity log. Make sure it is not your own security software attacking the EN client.

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2 hours ago, VISUS said:

Anyone have a fix for this problem?

We need more information if we are to help.  I’m assuming desktop and not Android.  Crashing usually indicates a bad installation.  Try uninstalling with Appcleaner or Revo depending on whether Mac or Windows.  A standard uninstaller will not remove everything needed, and then reinstall.  Give the new installation time to download your new database and stabilize.

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