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The Day Everything I Did Disappeared

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Alright, picture this: I put in a superhero’s day of work yesterday. I was all over my tasks, feeling unstoppable. By the end of the day, I had this mountain of work I conquered, sitting pretty in Evernote. Felt good, real good.

Fast forward to today, and guess what? It's like yesterday never happened. All that work I did? Gone. Poof. Vanished into thin air. And the kicker? It's all on Evernote. Didn't even get a heads-up or anything. Just opened my app to find a whole lot of nothing where my work should have been.

Reality Check

First off, wow. You don't expect stuff you've saved to just disappear. Makes you look at your apps a little differently, huh?

So, What's the Deal?

Here's the lowdown on what I learned from this unexpected trip to the Twilight Zone:

  • Tech's not perfect: Even the best apps can let you down. I was all in on Evernote, but this was a wake-up call that glitches happen.
  • Backups, backups, backups: Can't stress this enough. If you're putting important stuff in an app, make sure you've got it saved somewhere else too. Because you never know.
  • Roll with the punches: Yeah, it stinks. Big time. But getting mad won't bring it back. Gotta take a deep breath, learn from it, and keep moving.

In the End...

Losing all that work because of a glitch in Evernote was a bummer, no two ways about it. But it's also a reminder not to put all your trust in one place, no matter how reliable it seems. And if this has ever happened to you, you're not alone. We live, we learn, and we make sure we're ready for next time.

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6 hours ago, ericcowan said:

Losing all that work because of a glitch in Evernote was a bummer,

Love the philosophical approach and the conviction (without apparent evidence) that this could not possibly have been related to anything except an Evernote issue.

However with great superhero power comes great responsibility - you should be contacting Evernote support to find out what,  if anything,  happened to your content;  if it was synced to your account in the first place,  there will be a record.  And though undoubtedly super-slow at the moment,  Support should be able to help you find it.

If you'd like to give us some more details - like device & Windows / Evernote versions and how many notes are missing we can maybe help.

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Is it just yesterday's work that's gone, or all of your notes entirely? If it's the latter, it's possible (many people have done it) that you accidentally logged into Evernote with the wrong username/email address, and Evernote assumed you were trying to create a new, empty account. Try again, making extra sure of the credentials.

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