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On my PC 10.83.5 version, when the dreaded "/" appears (from where?) I lose ability to paste from another document. Once I hit enter, the next line always has "/" and paste option disappears.   Right click "paste" option no there.  If im in the 1st line of text and havent hit enter?  I can paste and there is no "/".  

Next---Tasks.  I hit that by mistake and cannot undo it.  That reformats all text that had the cursor by it when task was clicked.  It also seems to stop spellcheck.  Any solutions?  Thanks 



Evernote no Paste.png

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Tried on the Mac client, the slash-hint text has no impact on allowing right click paste:


Undo is as always ctrl / cmd -Z. The Undo-Button in the editing toolbar works as well.



Possibly the Windows-Client behaves differently. But usually the behavior is consistent.

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Also confirming that hitting '/' doesn't affect paste,  provided that's the next action chosen,  and Ctrl+Z converts a task back to plain text if required.

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