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Can´t sign in on my tablet

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Hello! I have problems signing up on my tablet since tree or four days. I purchased "Evernote Personal". I have two devices by now (Desktop and Mobile Phone), but I need it also on my Lenovo-Tablet (where I had it installed before). Any time I try to sign up it says "You can´t sign up, because there´s no Internet-Connection", but this is not true, sinceall other Apps which need Internet Connection work without problems. I delayed the App and installed it once again twice ...

Is there any help???

Thanks a lot and sorry for the English, I´m out of practice...

Happy Easter from Austria!


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Hi! Thanks for the roses 😉

My tablet is a Lenovo TB-8704F with Android 8.1.0 (last update last week). I didn´t fi nd the Evernote Version, but I purchesed "Evernote Personal" on 27 of march this year, so it will be the latest version, I suppose...

Thanks for any help!


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You need to run on Android 9 as minimum system requirement. When below it will only offer the v8 client. This client does not sync any more.

You need to update the tablet to Android 9 to be able to install the current version 10 client.

Your subscription date has nothing to do with the software version your tablet can execute. This only depends on it’s operating system.

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