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So, with all the seemingly every other day updates, I’m having pblms with the sorting of tags. Let’s say I have a tag, “positions current” which pulls up my portfolio notes, one position to a note. I’ve always used settings to sort by title A-Z. Select it once and never think about it again. Now, with the fully updated software, every time I bring up that tag, it sorts by relevance, I.e. the last note I searched is on top followed by the rest of the notes with the tag. I have to go to the settings again and re-sort the tag group. A nuisance. Anybody have any ideas? Thank you Tom

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When I have a list of notes, and use the filters selection to add a tag, I get a reduced list with all notes holding this tag.

This list is sorted exactly as the list was before I applied the filter. If it was by title, it still is sorted by title, it just has less notes.

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This is how it seems to work for me.

  • If I  change the sort order for a notebook it changes all notebooks and is persistent
  • "Notes" has it's own sort order which can be different from my notebook sort order and is again persistent
  • If I filter by tag I get the same sort order as "Notes" (as this is just subset of all notes ignoring notebooks)
  • None of the above actions give me the option to sort by relevance
  • If I search for a tag in the main search bar, I get the option to sort by relevance but it still defaults to my "Notes" preference.

It's possible that it has adapted to my consistent refusal to use "relevance" as a sort order!

If you do normally search for tags to add them, remember there are three ways of doing this

  • Search in the main search bar - normally only get one tag and you may end up having to type in the whole tag name
  • Switch to (ctrl + Q on Windows - don't know what Mac is) which does a good job of finding tags beginning with the text added
  • The main tags pop out tags window, which finds every tag that has the search text  in it.
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