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EN for Mac Desktop Checkbox Color

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The new version 10.76.2 has changed my checkbox colour to a purple-blue in the dark interface, while my iOS version remains green as I am used to.

There appears to be no way to change the checkbox colour at all.


I hate it when the devs summarily force changes without offering the option to revert to my preference.

The same thing happened with the note view, which in the new version defaulted to "optimised" (which I despise); I had to hunt through settings to get my notes view back to where they were before the 'upgrade'.


Unless I missed something, does anyone know of a way to set the checkbox colour, or do I have to downgrade EN ?

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In case you haven't already seen, Bending Spoons is revamping the UI. They first started with Desktop and Web and will presumably make their way to mobile. I'm personally not a big fan of it.

See here for the announcement about it: https://evernote.com/blog/new-ui-2024

Also here for one of the discussion threads on it: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/149750-new-ui-experiences-bad-and-good/

To answer your question -- there is no way to set the checkbox colour. You'd have to downgrade a fair bit before version 10.76.2. I think the new UI functionality is out as of 10.72 (or thereabouts), but it was only enabled for certain accounts back at that time.

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