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Cannot sign in on desktop client

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Downloaded evernote from the website and the appstore, log in window is the same, i try to log into my evernote account via google and typing in the email and nothing is working. ive deleted & reinstalled 3 times, updated and restarted my mac. nada. no support email so i sent it to their 'feedback@evernote.com' email, but its 'only for product feedback' so im expecting nothing. 


I'm a paying customer... is this my fate? 

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 2.42.21 PM.png

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You can request support here:

But while you're waiting for support, there are likely a few things you could try.  I'm not a Mac person so I can't offer much... likely others with more expertise will respond.  Meanwhile, have you tried logging in using the web client?  Also, might you have created a user and password before you switched to logging in with Google?  If so, have you tried that?


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Hi.  Try uninstalling with Appcleaner which will completely clear your system,  and do reinstall from Evernote.com.  Appstore versions are often slightly older than the main website as new versions wait approval.

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